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Delwyn of the Realms (Fourth Draft)

First two chapters
“Delwyn of the Realms” is a completed manuscript, at 68,820 words. “For Delwyn, the only way out is through, and beyond! What if her astral travels and sleep d
Kelly Proudfoot1/24/2015

Demon Road

In Dee Lykos’ line of work, rookies are affectionately known as ‘hamburger’. That’s what they look like when the demons are through with them. Smuggling contrab
Anna Geletka2/10/2013


An Inspirational Romance
Sarah Forshner was faced with the most challenging decision of her life after she met Ted Richards. Being a big believer in destiny, she willingly accepted her
Sarah Rachel2/13/2013

Destiny's Call

A short story in 600 words
Flash Fiction story of fate
R Scott VanKirk6/15/2012


A Short Story By Donte Douglas & Colin Bass
Men, they are habitual for taking the women that bless their lives for granted, and in the case of Darren Bowe he is left to face his past demons as well as the
Colin Bass7/23/2012

Dexter of Pozzelby

The day thirteen year old Dexter becomes king of Pozzelby is the worst day of his life. That is the day his father, brothers, and uncle are murdered by unknown
Erik Martin9/22/2011

Diana and the Diadem

A round-the-world chase after a precious sacred object. (But it's not the Holy Grail.) Set in Istanbul, Paris, Washington DC, Jerusalem...and a cave in Kyrgyzs
Lex Hames1/28/2014


Evan Helms recounts a short story about a married couple coping with extreme marital tension while dealing with a series of gruesome occurrences around their ru
Evan Helms1/5/2015


Twenty year old Zophar Nightshadow leaves home to find direction in his life and becomes entangled in the internal politics of a dangerous organization.
Jordan Montgomery7/25/2011

Divine Serendipity

Daniel, a reincarnated Greek god, has lived his life searching for his lost lover that was banished from the grounds of Olympus centuries ago. When he meets a
Turquoise Foster10/18/2012

Divinity Down

A waste land of technology gone rogue. A prototype weapon to salvage. A crack team with divided loyalties. The ride begins.
Francesco Pianfetti1/30/2012

Do Not Disturb

Do you know what its like to not see the sun for six years? She knows.

Do You Ever Cry in Your Car?

Do you ever just cry in your car? Amy does. When she's diagnosed with cancer, when she has to find a ride to the hospital, when her coworkers bring meals to her
Avery Johnson11/27/2013

Don't Kill the Messenger

book one of The Messenger Series
Tristan Shays is on a mission he doesn’t fully understand. For the past two years, he’s been plagued by visions—terrifying images of strangers in peril—and giv
Joel Pierson6/24/2013

Down the Hill, How Fast I Will Go

a short story by CP Warner
Molly doesn't fit in with her peers for a number of reasons, one of which is her old-fashioned, slow-moving sled. She hates the thing, and the ridicule it bring
CP Warner5/10/2011

Down Will Come Baby

Having worked in a Wall Street law firm for several years, Jess Raglan is beginning to find her way as a sole practitioner in New Jersey. In Princeton to be pr
Lindy Roberts Rhodes7/10/2012


Artifice Book Three
Tee is the janitor at a small art museum in Philadelphia. Her past is lost to her in the depths of her amnesiac mind. She lives moment to moment, frozen in the
Robert C Roman5/5/2012

Dragon's Treasure

Despite what the fairytale says, not all dragons are evil, not all knights are good and brave, and not all maidens are helpless. This journey begins with her.
Maya Starling10/9/2013

Dragonfly Awakening

Love Bug Series #2
When Paul Harris laid eyes on Ellie Caldwell the first day of high school, his heart stopped and never beat the same again. However, his best friend Lance spoke
Jaycee Ford1/7/2015 Be the first to review this version

Drama Rising

Kage was born into a dysfunctional family. He was moved from place to place. Finally, after Kage was rescued from a homemade prison, he was able to live again.
Shelundra (S.B. Santiago)9/16/2013 Be the first to review this version

Dream Traveler (Series Book 3)

300,000 years from now, human spirits called Phelastians are finally making peace with ape-like creatures called Dwellers. Formality requires that a twenty-firs
Neil Ostroff3/2/2013 Be the first to review this version

Dreaming of Hell

Sergeant JP Morales is severely burned in Afghanistan. He returns home for treatment, and quickly realizes that he would rather die than live as a freak. When t

Drive The Demons From My Heart

Book Two of the Awakened Consensus
I thought was going to at least get a break, but I was wrong. Somehow, I created a monster, a demon of the mind and it's on the rampage, kidnapping the unawake
Timothy Maguire9/30/2013 Be the first to review this version

Drop Out

The room was dimly lit with flickering strawberry-scented candles. Power was out. It had been nearly a decade since Nathan stood inside someone’s home; since th
Neil Ostroff5/17/2013

Drowning In Rivers

Seventeen-year-old ‘city girl’ Grace Burns got revenge on her controlling, abusive ex by pushing his truck into a lake, running over twelve-year-old Andrea “And
Heidi Peitz11/2/2015

Drug Lord's Daughter

Reya is the daughter of the famous Mexican Drug Lord, 'El Dios' of the Cruz Cartel. On a breezy Hacienda, Reya grows up facing both tremendous fear and opulent
FIction Lover7/15/2011

Dry Doc

Hank Harper buys 2,000 Dry Doc H2O Eaters, and after he sells every last one three men suspiciously like Men in Black demand he get back every last one or the w
Sturgis Holt6/13/2011

Duke's Foals

Duke's Foals is one of many stories Olivia Martin has from the Pryor Mountain Wild Horse Range. Throughout the story, Olivia tries to capture the emotion and pe
Olivia Martin1/14/2016

Dumbyis Asstrim Boyd

"Wronged at Birth"
A mentally challenged, yet somewhat clairvoyant young man (Dumbyis) is resented by a local bully. It's the friendship he has with his baby sister that enrag
Dickey Harrold5/4/2014 Be the first to review this version

During Paolo Monsonti's Final Meals

A short story I've loved but never been able to sell about love, loss and the mundane world of time travel.
T.M. Thomas10/28/2013


I'm taking this manuscript down from Book Country. This site has been very helpful in my quest to write a novel and I'm grateful to those who inspired and re
Michael J Patrick2/10/2015 Be the first to review this version

Dust of Space

(alternate version of a story I wrote for english)
I wrote this story for english, so it ends quite quickly. Fortuinately I'm writing the version where they actually make it to the planet and all sorts of horrib

Dying to Meat You

A small town city comes under attack. A doomsday prepping couple and their friends try to escape the plague as the city falls to disarray while picking up a ch
Raymos Smith9/8/2013


Earl McGowen is a likeable philanthropist on Manhattan's upper east side who answers his jury summons and finds himself a juror in a murder trial. The victim,

Dyson Academy

Dyson Academy teaches the skilled and the unusual of the galaxy how to use Creativity, the bizarre power that drives the galaxy. Anne is neither. Unaware of eit
Timothy Maguire4/12/2015

Eagle's Gold

Days before Germany surrendered to the Russian army, an SS-Brigadefuhrer led ten men into the lobby of the Deutsche Reichbank in Berlin and confronted the bank
Vincent Lupiano3/20/2014

Earth Quake

Chloe Bowman wakes up one morning and realizes her husband has disappeared. The police don't seem too interested, her family never liked him in the first place,
Angela DiJoseph5/15/2012

Eat. Prey. Love.

Newlyweds share a strange breakfast in bed.

Eden 2.0

A girl escapes into a world that is scorched, sick and living beyond its natural years. A boy knows there is something more. Together they will find it.
Jay Phillips11/2/2011

Edge of the Wood

Rose learns her aunt May helps watch over a magic wood filled with denizens light & dark. Rose loves the wood, but can she save her niece from a hunter's trap?


A lawyer discovers that his wife plans to place her family fortune in trust for her small son and becomes obsessed with changing her mind. When his efforts fai
Deirdra Baldwin12/28/2011

Elephant Medicine

A Children's Story
Mahendra lost his parents at the age of four, and was taken in by his poor old hippie grandfather in Arizona. Now he's about to have his first visit to the zoo
C.M. Rivers4/5/2015

Ellery City Novel (no full title)

This is a YA novel I am working on. It is a little lighter with some serious topics in it -- meant more for 12-15 years of age. Alexander val Danien does not b
J Boone Dryden3/27/2013

Embers to Ashes

A destined journey
With a name that means protector of mankind and a power she can't control, Axelia has lived a life shunned by most, her father included. When soldiers come to t
MB Mulhall 4/1/2011

Emerald Beach

Emerald Beach is a tale of small town youth, sort of like ass kicking Hardy Boys (and girls) with bad attitudes and criminal tendencies, up against one of the
TEltonSnatchitJr7/16/2011 Be the first to review this version


Some secrets remain hidden for centuries. What happens when they start to unravel? “You are a disappointment, Blanco-Phoenix.” Those words echo through Pietta’
MN Freedman8/20/2015


In a post war world Maroon Deventon takes over and spreads his army around the devastated world, but is he the right person for the job? Derren (RED) is all al
AJ Mortimer2/27/2013


On an Earth just a little to the left and down from ours, humans have long since faded into myth. Their last creations have grown self-aware and ventured forth
Galen Hussey7/17/2011


Chapter 1
Sara Alvey's life working in a top secret government group of supernaturals is never quite what it seems. This time her partner, Diedre, is accused of murder. S
Julia Stephens6/21/2013


(working title)
Thel is 18 and stuck in the godforsaken town of Lost Mountain, living in a geriatric wasteland with no hope of escape. Dharma, her only friend, is leaving for c