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Coyote Midnight

The Sequel to my novel HELLFIRE
Travis Deacon and Dee Jones are recovering from injuries they received when stopping a brutal terrorist attack in Wales (in my first novel HELLFIRE). Now they a

Coyote's Name

a fan-fiction of the breed novel
A fan fiction of the breed novel by Lora Leigh. Cassandra has just seen a council of Genetics kill a woman. But when they send a coyote breed to kill her, she

Cracks in Nightmares

Agent Alden Kraft and Agent Doug Longwood are FBI profilers who are on the trail of a prolific serial killer. The killer seeks out and murders schizophrenics a
Charles Shell4/28/2013

Crane's War

In the twenty cycles Jaidin Crane had been a Caste Commander the missions had been simple; find and destroy. Hold the line against the alien races at the bounda

Creatures of Snow

The last thing 15-year-old Skyden hears before the flash of the muzzle blast rewrites his life is the man made out of shadows whisper to him -There are no heroe
Reece Carlson3/20/2014

Creighton's Daughter

Book Four-- A Huntington Saga Series Novel
Following the ill-guided counsel of her closest new friend, Elspeth plays the games of high society with ease. But emptiness is never far away. Still, ever so n
Ellise Weaver3/31/2014 Be the first to review this version

Crocodile Pete

Crocodile Pete is found drifting around in a schoolyard aimlessly. He follows Jeffrey home, and in school and eventually does all his homework. Jeffrey is mesme
Sheila Craan12/23/2014

Cross Keys

Jack MacLeod and Doc Gray are back, fighting to crack a conspiracy that should have died with the Confederacy. Hidden since the end of the Civil War, the Knight
Dave McClure3/3/2012

Crossing The Ice

Book One of the Aegis Heresy
It was supposed to be a milk run, a simple shakedown cruise between the worlds to deliver an Ambassador, but it became so much more. Now Janis and the crew of t
Timothy Maguire5/22/2014 Be the first to review this version

Crowbar Girl

Lane, Mary, and Gwen just want to live the life of normal high school girls. Life isn't cooperating.
Robert C Roman4/29/2011


The year is 2268, The City of Angels. Peter Romito, a drug addict and prostitute, is hunted by the Priest, who is on a sacred mission. The Priest carves out his
rj crowther jr6/12/2011

Crystal Clear

This book is about trust between 2 people and love, and if 2 people dont have that trust there is no way they can love each other they want to. This book is my
allison whaley1/23/2013


Ivy is a woman from an ordinary world turned upside down. Years ago the human world and a world of elves, orcs and magic slammed together. In many ways the worl


The year is 225 AT. The world has seen much change. Massive walled city-structures called Hexagons replace metropolises of old. Military police keep the "peace"
Vince Salamone10/10/2012

D.O.A. - Not Exactly

The Unseen World
Meet Hayden Harrison as he is transformed from his Near Death Experience to the Angelic realm where he is assigned as a Shadow Manager providing oversight to th
J.M. Henard12/7/2014

Dad, My Brother, and Me

This story is about two little boys talking about what they would call their father if they had one.
J.C. O'Brien5/1/2014 Be the first to review this version

Daisuke Ueda

Of Bavichigo
Battle lead to Glory, while Glory leads to Honor, and Honor leads to a great death
Ryan Lockhart7/2/2014

Dana Parum

Wait, what?
Dana is an average girl in your everyday town who has awesome friends and a typically odd modern family. Yeah, she has a few quirks but doesn't everyone? Dana's
Summer Lynne8/22/2012

Dangerous Creatures

The Love of
I write short story erotica but this one is hard-core BDSM and romance with the action of a Bond film, I hope.
BDSM Erotica by Nigia Stephens5/6/2014

Dangerous Snacks

(Book One of the Broughton Trilogy)
Down-trodden by life and generally fed up with his lot, Edward King is determined to find the tiniest scrap of happiness before it's all too late. But it's not
A J Smith8/20/2015

Danvers Hospital

When he's stuck for an evaluation in the psych ward, Brian has to come to terms with his relationship with his fiancée and his responsibility for her death.
Andrew Magnusson5/19/2011

dark night of the sinister scarecrow

revenge as they say is a dish best served cold. it also has a price attached to it as well. Joshua Brannigan soon learns what that price is as he tries to come
scott miller11/19/2012

Dark Side of the Rising Sun

When Tim Harrington, a young Anglo-American working in Japan, is tricked into teaching English to a Japanese crook involved with the yakuza, it’s merely the sta
John Boyd9/30/2015


DARKER SHADES OF LIGHT is a contemporary romantic family saga. This thriller blends the powerful and exciting love stories of two families in sizzling love boat
Gideon Adjei5/6/2013


A simple salvaging run turns into a nightmare when scavenger Cam rescues a lone juice rat from a sandstorm. One small act of kindness brings on the wrath of the


***Thanks so much for all your feedback, guys!!! I've SOLD this as a three book series to Amazon/Skyscape!!! It'll becoming out in ebook/paper/audio on July 1st
Rachel A. Marks4/22/2015

Day on Grassy Hill

a short story
When Clover looks up for the first time in his life, he sees something magnificent. A spot, bright and warm, yellow and so powerful he has to look away. Amazed,
Criss Cross7/28/2011


A Short Story Collection
"Briar Witch" is a retelling of Sleeping Beauty from a new perspective (Honorary Mention, March 2012 for Enchanted Conversation: A Fairy Tale Magazine). "Breadc
Christina Ruth3/2/2013

Dead Before Dying

A paranormal private investigator who is aging and wounded accepts an undercover position at a senior's residence.
Kerry Schafer6/28/2014

Dead Flesh & Blood :The ending path

Eight-billon normel citizins in our would today, next day, tenth of the populashon came up with a rayer and deadly sickness that was exsposed from a uknown sour

Dead Freaks High (Working Title)

Being the only zombie at Riverton High School was the hardest thing Olivia's ever had to deal with, bar none. Making the cheerleading squad? Piece of cake. Main

Dead Girl Walking

What if you knew who was going to die? That is the question Tally Grant lives with every day. Since acquiring the power in an accident 10 years ago, Tally has
Christine Madore3/31/2012

Dead Man's Float

A little murder in a big corporation. Art Donnelly, an employee at a Fortune 100 company, is killed six hours short of his retirement. His long time friend D
Steve Yudewitz8/25/2014

Dead Switch

Mitch Turner’s career as a weapon designer is ruined after he’s unwittingly used as a pawn in a game of industrial espionage. His reputation destroyed, he acce
Marc Poliquin2/20/2012

Dead Thin

Diet coach Judy sets out to discover why one of her favorite clients, a dentist with a chocolate habit, doesn't call in for his usual phone support session. She
Atar Hadari1/11/2015

Dead Woman's Pond

Construction worker Flynn Dalton loves building things in the great outdoors, even if those outdoors are in the Pleasantville meets Stepford Wives town of Festi
Ellie Isis1/23/2014 Be the first to review this version


Vampires make a fortune in the human selling business. Just capture a bunch of mortals, clean their bodies up a bit, and you'll have customers lining up by the

Deaf by Hearing

The Girl Who Hears All
Curiosity killed the cat. Jiyanna knows this though can't accept that only danger awaits the towns wall. But what if the cat survived, and others along with it
Kay P10/21/2012

Dear Doctor, A quickie please!!!

Some hot Doctor fun!!!! Yes please Doctor Tomson.

Death and Rememberment

One Bad Decision
People say Eileen McReilly went crazy when her husband and baby were killed. Now her mother has died. She befriends spirits from beyond, but there is nothing fr
Kat Day2/8/2012

Death by Foreplay

Self-proclaimed vampire Moishe “Mark” Markowitz needs Susan Saston. He was planning to wait. Having a serial killer on the loose changed all that. ¶ Mark a
Dawn Cord Ray5/25/2011


Spending time with a dead guy, being interrogated by the cops and getting stitched up by a cute ER doc wasn’t exactly the evening plans private investigator Kim

Death Notes (was: Jumping the Shark)

previously titled: Jumping the Shark
When death threats against reality TV star Amber Hamilton escalate to bloodshed, bodyguard and PI Lorraine Keyes must protect the woman America loves to hate.
Gwenyffer 5/29/2011


This is a short story of about 6100 words, a bit long so I have divided into two roughly equal parts. It's based on a true story that I have exercised a good de
Allen Wittenborn5/3/2016

Death's Justice

Themis is a Reaper - a collector of souls and a keeper of the balance between life and death, good and evil. She's good at her job, but she's always felt like a
Laura Dwyer9/11/2013


"This is my life mom, and I'm going to finally start living it." Eighteen year old Jesse Daniels life has been planned out from the minute she was born. She w
Lisa Adiele7/29/2015 Be the first to review this version

Deconstructing Bridges

Matthew Bridges is in trouble. His three year marriage has come to a screaming halt after discovering that his wife, Rose has been lying to him since the day th
Nat Rowlin4/18/2015

Deep Isle

What happens when an average college student becomes the most important person in a war he wants nothing to do with? Can he learn enough to survive the powerfu
Ben Nemec8/5/2016 Be the first to review this version

Defenders of Rades

Centuries ago, the planet Rades was nearly destroyed when nuclear weapons brought by human colonists exploded. The native Endemi people have never forgiven the
Carol Blackhurst3/8/2012


An alcoholic writer, a self-destructive teen, a burnt-out waitress, an abused young wife, a good-natured cook, a tormented serial killer, and the cop unwittingl
Neil Ostroff3/12/2013