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"Death Cry" They are listening

Long have you been cruel to animals:it's pay back time!
Through the course of evolution, humans have come to dominate and tyrannize every creature that shares space with him on Earth. The law of nature states that on
RickEliasAuthor5/10/2012 Be the first to review this version


Johnny is a teenage boy with a problem, and a somewhat unique solution.
Darrell Pestana9/4/2013


Wounded Women
Tine was a mulatto women who had a hard time being herself. She was born in a share croppers in 1935. She different from the rest of her siblings. She was giv
by Audrey Ophelia1/20/2014

... With Fortune and Men's Eyes ...

A strange, eventful history of our time...
25 years ago, a group of heroes saved the world and changed it forever. Now, intrepid reporter Kat Regan and her cameraman, Poe, attempt to reassemble the membe
R P Steeves11/23/2011

1 Chapter. The secret of woman's power

Novel with Lessons
The book is much more than an inspirational and amusing romantic novel about a woman learning ancient wisdom from her aunt in the south of France. The book open
Alexandra Joy10/2/2013


The year is 1890 and Europe once again hovers on the brink of war. As last ditch talks are made in London the world slides ever closer to another great tragedy.

3 Ways to Get Great Feedback on Book Country

This shows you how to get feedback that will be helpful on Book Country.
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Case Metzger's life had always been driven by two things: numbers and love. His love for his childhood crush had gotten him in and out of several tough spots,
Greg Carroll11/12/2013

5.50 AM. Salt

Taken from 'Tales From The Sprawl'
5.50 AM. Salt’, the second of several preludes in the 'New Amsterdam' saga, is a short exert from a man's diary upon discovering a body on the beach. This disco
Eddie Blanche7/19/2011

6 Flamingo

It is the story of Leo and Mikala and how through multiple breaks in their relationship they fin each other again when tragedy occurs. It is also a growth for M

[no title yet]

[I will think of a title when I finish the book, if I finish]
What attracts people to each other and how much of it is what is perceived and believed about gender difference and what happens when these are discovered to be
nom de plume6/14/2011

A Bloody Good Time in Merry Old England

Yes, Vampires exist in Old England and one of them resides at Hampton Court during the reign of Henry VIII. However, he has as many problems as the rest of us.
I G Palmer5/19/2014

A Blow To The Head

A Blow To The Head is the first in a series featuring Donald Panther Bantham, an ex-military guy now living a unique life as a private citizen. What starts as a
DG Downer1/10/2013


FBI Agent Ian Mulherin discovers his boss, Roark, is helping the Mafia. Ian bluffs his way into the other side for a cut of the action. Roark gives him an ass
Sherry Foley9/15/2011

A Carnie Tale

When a Carnival takes on a new job in the town of Drain they have no idea what they're in for. The coins the locals use put the Carnies under a spell, but what'
BoJo Johnson6/16/2014

a curious tale of men and animals

This is a tale of the journey of a foolish holidaying man and describes the rather curious encounters involving animals, townsfolk, companions and others. It go
pope Dixon11/13/2015 Be the first to review this version

A Cut Above

This is an Urban Adventure; a tongue-in-cheek story, quick paced and devilish. Lord Fly pulls no punches as he tells the story of a young boy thrown into an urb
Lord Fly11/30/2012

A Dance of Souls

Of Ash and Blood - Book One
Thorin Euldrich was always aware that he was a gifted mage. It was not until a group of assassins tried to kill him that he realized just how gifted he was. Whi
W. T. Anderton10/2/2013

A Dance of War

Guardians of the cursed
This is my first attempt at a novel. I am attempting to mix old world mythology with native american beliefs. Taking the Hound of Annwn out of Ireland and pla

A Day of World Without Coffee

The world's coffee supply has been wiped out. A humurous glimpse of "post-apocalyptic" life.
Leah Fenix8/5/2011

A Final Day in Central Park

After a long Winter, Roche is ready spend the day outdoors. You might need to read this one twice... I truly hope so! Michael
Michael R Hagan12/3/2012

A Hidden Past

Ella woke up with no memories. She ended up in the foster system, becoming a run away, with few friends, and when she's finally happy, her past starts to catch
Willow Lemaya3/11/2014

A Joint of Grass

A collection of poems.
Poems where my heart and soul can weep. a spiritual dance. love be all over this circular world. before the schools of gray. life out of life to come your exper

A Journey Into Dragon Land

Dragon Land
A Journey Into Dragon Land is a story about a brother and sister. They find out their sister is a queen of a magical land that's in trouble of being taken over
Nicole Carrick9/6/2014

A Kaliphian Matter I

Ben Gerrickson, a pilot with the diplomatic arm of the Earth Corps, saves a fellow crewmate’s life during the Kargin War by unwillingly unleashing a great power
Angela Martello11/10/2014

A Kaliphian Matter II: Transformations

With his father's death and enemy forces breaching the Thalorlands and occupying the neighboring abandoned Earth colony, Ben is reluctantly drawn into war. With
Angela Martello8/9/2014 Be the first to review this version

A Leaf of Lyrea

Aerilyn Livingston was a mage that was quite the unusual kind. She didn't like magic. In fact, she was afraid of making any kind of tea that it was a wonder she
M Shimoji1/17/2016 Be the first to review this version

A Letter For All Those I've Killed

363 words. A killer decides to commit suicide. A Flash Fiction piece that is being made into an indie film in Australia in June.
Robert Moons5/9/2014

A Life Lived Ridiculously

Prolougue, Chapter 1 and Chapter 2
Maxine’s brain is stuck. Everything around her feels wrong and the only way to fix it is to check, double-check, rearrange and count everything. What Maxine can
Annabelle R Charbit4/27/2011

A Lifetime in Aries

Possible opening chapter
This is a small portion of my book, and maybe the first 8,000 words, I am not sure. Looking for feedback and critique. Your really not supposed to know anything
Joseph G. Rogers3/9/2015

A Meaningless Sequence of Arbitrary Symbols

A satirical magic-realism novel about VideoGames - and: God.
OSCAR, an uber-disenfranchised 18-year-old, video-game-addicted American youth (kinda like, Holden Caulfield on industrial-strength acid), meets - and is Mentor

A Member of Society

While in a coma caused by a tragic car accident, 16 year old Karen Addams dreams that she is in dystonic Lora, a country filled with distrustful people and no
Jayde Logemann12/16/2013

A Midsummer Night's Bedtime Story

Seven-year-old Eliza's life gets upended when she's visited by three denizens of the Seelie Court. They're looking for a lost chronicle of faerie that has summ
Charles Shell5/24/2013

A Monster in the Mist

A strange mist has engulfed Marigold's town. When she finds herself lost in it, an unlikely companion joins her on an adventure to another world.
J Arthur Bourassa1/23/2013

A Mother's Curse

The Arazossen woman Iira stands accused of murdering the human Rory. His widow Kay confronts her, seeking to discover why she'd cut the old man's life short.
Charles Shell5/23/2011

A Purer Evil

Rural Stebbings County, Ohio has a new pastor. Arthur Lehmann is an Episcopal priest who has come to this quiet place to grieve. Then one night, while walking

A Reluctant Defense of the Competitive Travel Checklist

An Essay
An essay about a competitive travel checklist that I found on Facebook and spent WAY too much time thinking about.
Lucy Silag3/30/2015

A Sign From Heaven

The year is 626 AD, and the Byzantine Empire is winding into its last years at war with its eternal enemy, Persia. Thrust into the fray is a young man, Aeneas,
Harrison Voss5/27/2016 Be the first to review this version

A Sister's Betrayal

Kat Butler, the FBI and the Mexican Mob have one thing in common, Kat's adoptive sister Lizzy. When Lizzy suddenly and mysteriously dies, Kat inherits millions
Kimberly Ciamarra1/25/2012

A special night

What can a husband do to satisfy after a long week of work. He spares nothing, and goes the extra mile ensuring his wife feels the full extent of all pleasures.
Christian Colon11/26/2011 Be the first to review this version

A Story at Three

First Draft/ Incomplete Manuscript
A young girl is approaching senior year in high school and with her haunted past, she seems a little different to not only her best friends but everyone. Her di
Rachel Ann Blain1/3/2014 Be the first to review this version

A Strange and Mysterious Happening

The Life of A Sweet Succubus
Usually Demons are bad and Priests are good.What happens when you reverse it? Pandemonium!

A Streak of Silver in the Sky

The two greatest mass extinctions of all time are oddly similar. What if that were due to more than coincidence? Sent back in time to study the greatest extinct
Tom Wolosz11/24/2012


Emily Hill is a survivor, a woman with a hard-scrabble and violent past. At thirty, she wants nothing more than to be a good a police officer but in the 1970s w
Liz Kelley9/11/2013

A Thin Rabble Of Friends

As a small group of friends gather to enjoy an evening of food, drink and conversation, an uninvited guest appears out of thin air. Dead from an apparent fall,
Hans Jenske10/6/2015

A Thousand Wishes

Serene is a small town bustling with Elves, Fauns, Humans, Wizards, Witches, Dwarfs and other creatures. When Torro, the Faun, realizes that someone is sneaking
AB Matyana4/28/2011

A Tom Cat in the Lion's Den

An African Fantasy Adventure
The year is 1872 and Alexandra Cochette, a headstrong twenty-three-year-old, is working as an Acquirer, a job that requires her to find ordinary-looking objects
J. P. Kippling11/6/2015 Be the first to review this version

A Way to the Park of Gardens

Miles the cat has a happy life; fed everyday, roof over his head, and loving owners, everything a cat would want. But one day he senses a change. There are thin
Raymond Rappisi Jr4/19/2014

A Wedding Game

Upon the death of her mother, Lady Christian of Birch finds her life changed. An estranged uncle returns to arrange her marriage to his friend, Lord Maximilian
Alexandria Brim10/20/2013

a work in progress

Chapter 1
Marlow, forced to leave his first really safe home in a land of bandits and rogues, travels further away from his lands into foreign lands rich with magic and r
Zach Cleland3/29/2013