A Way to the Park of Gardens

By Raymond Rappisi Jr

Draft 3 Posted Date: 4/19/2014

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Contemporary Fantasy

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About the Book:

Miles the cat has a happy life; fed everyday, roof over his head, and loving owners, everything a cat would want. But one day he senses a change. There are things going on in his beloved home that raise the hairs on his back - mysterious boxes, strange papers and that phone call. What does it all mean, he wonders. It was bad enough he had to chase away an intruder, but it foreshadowed the menace and a life-changing visit he would encounter up on that hilltop. A pampered feline is no match for Mother Nature, and she will throw everything she has in his path until the day he realizes he was meant for grander things. This is the journey of a cat who is thrust into the world with only instincts to guide him, friends to help him on his way and enemies that mean to kill.

About the Author:

Raymond Rappisi Jr. who, at one time, was a published cartoonist, is now currently working on a new contemporary fantasy/adventure novel. He lives with his wife, daughter and two cats who give him plenty of fodder, at the New Jersey shore.

Author's Note:

I've had this idea of a story rummaging around in my head for years and decided in the beginning of 2014 to empty out that closet and put it to paper, (and this website, besides others). It is a work in progress and I'm committed to seeing it to the end, so please stay for the ride. Any feedback would be wonderful, and taken seriously. Thank you, kindly!

Requested feedback Criteria: Overall Feedback, Voice, Character Development, Dialogue, Pacing, Setting, Continuity

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