"Death Cry" They are listening | Long have you been cruel to animals:it's pay back time!

By RickEliasAuthor

Draft 9 Posted Date: 5/10/2012

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Through the course of evolution, humans have come to dominate and tyrannize every creature that shares space with him on Earth. The law of nature states that one day the tables will be turned.  ‘DEATH CRY’ is a fantasy-horror written by Rick J. Elias that explores this very possibility. Through the use of gruesomely picturesque language, the story weaves its way around the plight of a group of humans who have all at some point in their lives, advertently or inadvertently, misused their human intelligence and power to harm animals. The death cry that is let out by these helpless creatures at that moment of abuse, becomes a harbinger of pain and terror to these humans who are eventually sucked into the alternate world of animals, a place for their revenge. It becomes the one sound that they will dread to hear ever again. By the end of the book Death Cry, one is left wondering, what’s going to become of me?

About the Author:

Rick J. Elias is a 36 years old writer, single, who believes that dreams can be the material for great writing.

Author's Note:

List of chapter titles: ***Part 1- As You Sow ***Part 2- A Teaspoonful of Retribution This book is apt for the world we live in today with its degenerated connections between man and nature. Through its bloodcurdling approach it makes one think of one’s actions towards nature and what their repercussions might be. The book is gory and yet classy; it is intelligent horror that creates fear in the very depths of the readers minds. A book for all those readers who love getting scared and thinking about what causes the fear."Death Cry" is a 45 chapter fantasy novel sold at Amazon kindle, $0.99.

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