A Sign From Heaven

By Harrison Voss

Draft 2 Posted Date: 5/27/2016

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Historical fiction

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About the Book:

The year is 626 AD, and the Byzantine Empire is winding into its last years at war with its eternal enemy, Persia. Thrust into the fray is a young man, Aeneas, who hails from the shores of southern Italy. He is an ordinary soldier, with a past of shaded memory. He does not know who either of his parents are, but nevertheless, he is said to be bound for greatness. Upon setting foot in the legendary city of Constantinople, Aeneas steps into a world of warfare, love, and political intrigue that sends him spiraling into adventure. Along the way, he is guided by the journey to learn the identity of his parents so that the discovery of his past might help forge his future.

About the Author:

Harrison Voss is a student at Columbia University who is interested in studying political science and/or international affairs. He has loved writing since he was young, and his interest in classical history has provided him with the foundation for most of his recent works.

Author's Note:

These are only the first few chapters, or "books," of the novel. I'll be uploading more as I finish them. Happy reading!

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