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Book 1
A story of four American teens in Paris, and the scandal that leads one girl to disappear. This sparkling novel reveals exactly how it feels to be a teen in lov
Lucy Silag9/13/2013

Because the Pleasure-Dragon Whistles

What happens when a young Welsh dragon meets a young Welsh poet? This is their story, from first day to last, through comings and goings, highs and lows. It is
S MacKENZIE2/1/2012

Beneath the Perfect World

Disillusioned with living in a close-knit Yorkshire farming community, twenty-six year old Alan needs a release from his mundane but pressured life. Intelligent
Rosie Ward4/20/2013


What would you do for love?
Will's flying south to a new life in New Zealand with his baby boy, Thomas. He's going to a place where no one knows him, where awkward questions won’t be ask
Andrew Wright10/6/2011


Arie is a 17 year old demon who is being trained to hunt angels that don't belong on Earth. When Angel Manakel makes a home with her parents, Arie doesn't know


When Vivian Maylor inherits the position of Gatekeeper, she is thrust into the world Between, that dangerous space between dreaming and waking where dreams beco
Kerry Schafer1/19/2012

Between the Floors Elfin adventure...
In this delightful children's fantasy adventure new author John D Hansen tells the story of childelfs Panpip and Muppet and their family of Elfin who inhabit th
John D Hansen7/25/2014

Beyond Belief

Madelyn Hale decides to throw caution to the wind the night before her life goes public. "I never do things like this." A one night stand. Sex with a stranger…o
Kelly Duff5/21/2015

Big & Little

Part One
Brynn Radley puts her family above all else. When the perfect job opens up for her father at a prestigious public university, it turns their world upside down.
Francis Foley12/18/2013

Biggles and the Departed

from the Adventures of Biggles the Chicken
As Biggles the Chicken wanders the countryside, looking for adventure, he comes across a ruined farmhouse, the family that was inside, and the stoic figure who
Lucas JW Johnson12/11/2011


For Raine Donnelly the things that begin to happen couldn’t possibly be real. Machines malfunction and electricity goes haywire, and that’s just the beginning.
RJ Palmer8/8/2011


The Kingsmen Chronicles, #1
Eloel den’Alrahel is a Kingsman. Or should have been. But Kingsman just isn’t a profession anymore, as Eloel is frequently reminded. But the Kingsmount and Star
Jean Lowe Carlson8/14/2015

Blackstone Academy

Jesse has had trouble dealing with life ever since her sister fell into a coma. Attending Blackstone Academy is a chance for her to start over. But despite its

Blackwater Creek

A Novel by
Life in Blackwater, Texas has always served Ludie Blackwell perfectly fine. She has her circle of friends and family to thank for the life she loves. As a child
Donna R Brown1/15/2014


How far must you run to escape yourself?
Fail is the story of a young woman who has literally run to the other end of the galaxy to escape her father's legacy.
Robert C Roman6/21/2012

Blood & Candy

From the shadows of her shattered innocence, a fourteen year old girl becomes a ruthless instrument of vengeance for her governess.
Terryll Preston7/30/2013 Be the first to review this version

Blood of the Fallen

On the eve of Milan’s Nivola ceremony, Father Duretti must hear one last confession. The devout priest recognizes the cold voice of Nico Pasquali, and a tongue
Dawn Ius1/9/2012

Blood Phoenix

Before she ran into a compelling stranger on the busy streets of NYC, before she knew the truth about her father, before she died, Ria was just a normal girl, t
Alisha Costanzo6/28/2013


The invisible hand tightens its grip on the helpless bird, and in an instant the head of the Blue Jay is gone.
M W AGOSTA11/15/2012

Blood Stains

A Cote Endicott Novel
Cote is your normal everyday girl... okay, maybe not. She can kick ass with the best of them. It's when a seemingly other-worldly man appears out of the shado
Connie Hunter9/10/2015 Be the first to review this version

Blood Ties

Nightmare Prologue
Having just discovered she is a werewolf, Sara finds she must learn to use her abilities, to protect her loved ones from a power hungry vampire that wants to us
Astria Firestorm5/4/2012

Bloodline, Deep Trouble and Family Trouble

three flash fiction stories
Bloodline - Bad Family tree Deep trouble - stuck in a place no one wants to be Family Trouble - Son learning of parents true side
Craig Peterson7/12/2014 Be the first to review this version


Vece - A ceremonial warrior desperate to prove she's superior to her older sister. Lasay - A prostitute determined to free herself from a hopeless life. Ondon


Vengeance. The need for it has burned through her ever since the night she lost everything, including her mortality. Living amongst the humans while keeping her
Elizabeth OConnor7/12/2011

Blow Me, Baby

The last thing Toni expected when she decided to go on a girl's weekend in Vegas was to be left high and dry. Now she'll have to figure out a way home.

Blue Bloods

After a comet nearly hits the Earth, individuals begin displaying strange powers.
Robert C Roman5/5/2011

Blue Religion

A Frank Calhoun crime novel
Chicago homicide detective Frank “Preacher” Calhoun and his partner Fred Lions must investigate the murder of a fallen officer who turns out to be the brother o
Alverne Ball7/22/2014 Be the first to review this version

Blue Ridge Blood

Hospitals are creepy places. Especially at night. Especially when there is a psychotic killer on the loose. Blue Ridge Blood is about a psychic cop who has to p

Bog Witch Brewery

Abandoned as a small child on the porch of a witch's brewery, Paisley has found a family and a home. She's Kevelda's apprentice and her choice to inherit the re
Lynn Rushlau8/12/2014

Bonanza Creek

A few years after WWII a boy and a bear meet in the wilds of Alaska. Only one survives the day and the incident has a profound effect on a Bush community.
JMichael9/19/2013 Be the first to review this version

Bone Season

The Amana Unbar Codex
Book One – Bone Season Believed to have been orphaned as a girl, Amana is raised by a ghost fighter and trained as a warrior. She finds herself in the midst of
John Moreton5/20/2014

Book 3 The Tirnano

The Purple Queen
Two teenagers born 800 years apart, are brought together to lead the battle against the children of the ancient gods, the terrible golem; The Anakim. The world

Boot City

Ren Gudrunsdottir can’t seem to stay out of trouble, or so everyone in Boot City is always telling her. But Ren has her own definition of trouble and thinks no
Jennifer Dodge7/21/2013


A Novel by Steve Piacente
In the summer of 1959, two black teens hoping to sneak a beer in the South Carolina woods chance on a lynching led by the local judge. One bolts. The other, Ike
Steve Piacente1/13/2012

Bottle Caps

A short story about a young man who acclimates to life in the city and takes a chance by introducing himself to someone new...
Peter Francis8/30/2014

Bound and Broken

Psychic and soul-bound to a vampire, Grey must find a way to keep her identity as the supernatural takes over her world. For years, Grey suppressed her psych
Kristin Molnar2/1/2013

Breakfast in Narita (First six chapters of a completed manuscript)

Ideas for a different title?!
(First six chapters) Cassie Longstreth struggles to maintain her career as an international airline pilot with a new baby at home. Two of her girlfriends, a pil
Kathy McCullough8/24/2015


Daring the Impossible to Birth Greatness
This book deals with how to create ideas that will trigger your greatness. It introduces greatness as God's endowment in man and turns it into a quest in man fo
Chris I. E. Edwin-Odhe1/12/2016 Be the first to review this version

Breaking the Band

A Desert Dreams Novel
Michele has always tried to stick to one simple rule with her band: never date anyone in it. It was never a problem until the new rhythm guitarist showed up. He
Jayden Abello3/29/2015

Broken Hearted

A dark and tragic tale of teen love
A short story about teen angst and dating monsters
R Scott VanKirk6/14/2012

Broken In

Marley has been a Protectorate retriever for a several lifetimes. He's a burned out spy with a short fuze looking for something, anything to inspire him to tran

Brothers in Blood

Two brothers in blood same mother different father deal with threats to their kingdom and survival in the future. One brother is of royal blood....the other muc
walt Hart1/1/2012

Build Me a Girl

Sophie Braxton and Oliver Duncan met as part of the most abnormal business meeting, and somehow managed to fall in love, when neither of them were looking for,
Katie Burgess7/16/2015 Be the first to review this version

Buried Secrets--A Short Story

When Julie discovers a metal box buried in her garden, she finds out the truth on her missing long-lost twin sister, Catherine, who was abducted at age five. Wi

Burn your comics

Given the right circumstances anyone can go insane. Maybe you're too tired, maybe you forgot to take your meds. For some it doesn't take a whole lot. Maybe its
guy weird11/4/2012

Burning From Within - Chapter 1

Samantha, an obnoxious queen to be, learns the error of her ways when her sister Alexandra turns evil. With the aid of ancient powers, Samantha must overcome he
A.R. Baker7/14/2013

Burning From Within-Prologue

Journey of th Pheonix
Samantha, a obnoxious queen to be, learns the error of her ways when her sister Alexandra turns evil. With the aid of ancient powers, Samantha must overcome her
A.R. Baker7/14/2013 Be the first to review this version

Burying the Evil Seed

Minding what you’re told and keeping secrets is the only way to survive as a young southern slave, especially when those secrets concern the murders of white me
Sinnie Ellis1/9/2013 Be the first to review this version


610 Williams St. Apt 3-G
This is the first short story in a series about a young woman and her adventures in, what modern society would deem, "sexual deviance" as she discovers the erot
N.R. Wine9/12/2013

By Mutual Agreement

When Beryl Linden meets Sir Edward Percy, a member of Parliament, they hatch an immediate dislike for each other, but Beryl soon discovers her younger brother
Geraldine Lucas4/17/2013