Build Me a Girl

By Katie Burgess

Draft 2 Posted Date: 7/16/2015

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Contemporary Romance

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About the Book:

Sophie Braxton and Oliver Duncan met as part of the most abnormal business meeting, and somehow managed to fall in love, when neither of them were looking for, or expecting it. Sophie was looking for a little extra cash, the same way she had been since she entered her first year at University, this time it was in hopes of saving money to put down a deposit on a house; Oliver just wanted to get his family off his back about his womanizing ways, to get them to think he was finally settling down, and to get them to believe he honestly did like girls. Little do either of them know, they are the perfect match. That's what they were supposed to be, the completely fictional, perfect match. Oliver approached 'Build Me a Girl' a company Sophie had been working for since she was 18 years old, and a fresher at University; the company provides their clients with a girl that is either their perfect match, that they have described in their application, or someone that can act as close as possible to their perfect match. Sophie was approached by her boss, and long time best friend Lily Barlow, via email, the same way she normally is, and was asked to accept what should have been her easiest job yet. All she had to do was meet up with Oliver, sort out the details and go away with Oliver for a couple of weeks, to be his 'girlfriend', and his 'Build a Girl' for his little sisters wedding. It all seemed easy enough, until feelings began to get involved. After a few bumps in the road, introductions to oblivious mutual friends, a steamy night between the pair, numerous arguments, and a few heart to hearts, the pair fall in love just in time for their already void contract to run out. Because we all fall in love once, maybe temporarily, maybe at the wrong time, maybe too late, or maybe forever. Will they stay together? Will Sophie get her house? Will Oliver actually settle down? Or will things fall apart around them? Read Build Me a Girl to find out!

About the Author:

Katie Burgess is a small town girl from Invercargill, New Zealand, living what is supposed to be the ‘scarfie’ lifestyle in Dunedin, but prefers to live the quiet life, and can quite often be found either sitting cross-legged in the middle of her bedroom floor, or at the library with her headphones in, writing instead of studying towards her Bachelor Degrees like she should be. She’s a strong believer in true love, and happily ever afters, and is simply writing the successes, dreams and love stories of her characters until she finds her own. Katie suffers severely from wanderlust, and cannot wait until she is finished her Bachelor Degrees so that she can sit down and write when she wants to, and travel the world, making, and living out her own adventures, which she can recreate for her own characters. It is no secret, and Katie will not deny that she has fallen in love once before, but she knows that some things are not meant to last, and even though many people don’t believe it, she knows that it is possible to fall in love more than once, and eventually you will find your own happily ever after, but until then, you need to fall in love with yourself first, be your own anchor, and let yourself love your book boyfriends or girlfriends until you find yourself the real deal.

Author's Note:

This is a work in progress, as I am still editing chapter, but I will post chapter as I am happy with them :)

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