By JRVogt

Draft 1 Posted Date: 10/2/2013

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Traditional Fantasy

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Vece - A ceremonial warrior desperate to prove she's superior to her older sister. Lasay - A prostitute determined to free herself from a hopeless life. Ondone - A half-wit theatre apprentice who is the only witness to a horrific tragedy. They each have a strong connection to the shadow magic that has been used in their city for generations--a magic mostly used for entertainment, fashion, and frivolity. Yet when the shadows inexplicably take on a life of their own, and a growing madness infects the kingdom, these three are tied together in a struggle to undo the changes before their entire civilization is destroyed.

About the Author:

Part fiction writer. Part freelance writer. 100% storyteller. 100% geek. (sucks at adding up percentages, though)

Author's Note:

This is an updated title and slightly updated draft from the original "Raethe" manuscript. It went through to the last round of the Angry Robot Books Open Door for epic fantasy, and received some great feedback from Lee Harris--though he eventually passed on it. It remains a contender in some arenas, and I continue to have high hopes for this world and the larger plots it kicks off.

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