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C.O.P. Cash Over People

Police Corruption. The Ultimate Betrayal.
When Officers Stoney Brooks, Robert Sinclair, and Bruno Knight (Stoney, Sleeper, and Spanky) had joined the Boston Police Department, they swore to protect and
Rodney Pittman8/28/2012

Café Trocadéro

After having her heart broken at the base of the Eiffel Tower, Chicagoan Tristin Calhoun thinks Paris is highly overrated and believes, after thirty years of ex
Ella Black9/5/2012

Captain Lanie Romein, A.K.A. The Ice Queen

Lanie prepares to find her lover from outer space. She starts her adventure with the Space Academy on the moon. Things don't turn out like she planned, and fo
Yezall Strongheart11/30/2012

Cardinal Sky

In a future without hope, one girl’s mistake will change the fate of mankind. Sky grew up in a world conquered by alien invaders, the Cardinals. She fled the s
Maya Green9/8/2015 Be the first to review this version

Carer's Centurions

The alien commander of a small squad occupying post-invasion Earth confronts the nature of his allies and the compromises his commanders have made to achieve th
Timothy Maguire2/1/2015 Be the first to review this version


A young man from California meets and falls in love with the daughter of a Colombian crime family. Action is non-stop, steamy and based on actual incidents.

Cat Heaven

Samantha had never really believed in life-after-death, so was entirely unprepared for life-after-life.
Sturgis Holt5/3/2011


A hero of Mars waits for his wife to join him and their daughter, but she remains on a chaotic and disintegrating earth and they are running out of time.

Catch up

f there's something bad in your past that you've deliberately forgotten, it stays forgotten. That's what Samantha believed, until the day Daniel suddenly appear
Poppy Gillespie8/31/2015


Charlie works at a pen company. Charlie hates his life and everyone else's. Charlie is about to get a major wake-up call. While attending his sister's wedding,
SL Brown9/3/2011

Cautionary Tales: Catastrophe

The world has been distorted into a battleground littered with walking corpses and wandering ghosts. The 'Daemon', or vampires, now dominate the humans, and are


Argumentative, addicted to vodka and swear words, Chainsaw Jane is to psychics what Sherlock Holmes is to detectives —brilliant yet hard to control. But when it
MarieJo Fortis2/2/2012

Chance Inheritance

Life is a gamble. The key to true happiness is in making peace with whatever side of the bet you land on. G--is for Gretchen: Cynical, brutally honest, impu


The war between Vampires and Werewolves has continued for centuries. Dozens of clans of supernatural creatures have tried to end the feud but none were successf
Kathie White6/5/2013

Change: We All Need Some Sometimes

No one is immune to the down market. Not even Frank.
Joe Niewierski4/16/2014


A Gabbe Jones Series
Gabbe has always been a normal girl untill one night on her way home she was attacked by a rouge wolf. She finds that surviving the attack had given her a whole
Kaley Marie Hinkle2/14/2013

Chase The Dragon From My Town

When an old enemy reappears in town, Molly's not going to let him do as he pleases. Pursuing him, she discovers that he has returned to transcend his humanity,
Timothy Maguire2/9/2013

Chasing Dawn

Sample: Nicolai leaned on the outside of the door, wondering precisely what the hell he just got himself into. Maybe she lied. Maybe she worked as a trick and s
Michelle Hiscox9/29/2014


(A black comedy thriller that really rocks)
When Miles discovers an unknown Henrix tape, he and his mate Larry sense big bucks to be made from collectors worldwide. But they're quickly out of their dept
Tom Callaghan12/5/2011


The Story of Ruth
Ruth is a young woman with a lot on her plate--gruesome nightmares, a crabby boss, a missing father and kidnappers. Throw some magic in and you have quite the m
Delilah Honeycombe10/28/2012

Children of War

Coils of the Jumon
Cyrn is burning. After age long wars, only a few of the world's guardians remain untouched by death and madness. Each immortal plots at seeing his version of t
Kevin Rhames12/6/2011

Children of the Light

Children of the Light is a contemporary fantasy that was inspired by a non-fiction medieval book on gardening. Discover how children and teens find themselves f
Delphine Saucier7/5/2013

Chronicles of Silvercrest

Quest for the Heart of the Mountian
six unlikely characters that must go on a journey to find and obtain a magical gem known as the Heart of the Mountain. It is rumored that this gem is the only t
Bob Cravener6/16/2013


The Peacemakers are a near mythical group of lawmen who are preternaturally gifted gunmen. they stand as judge, jury and executioner in a near lawless society.
JEFF SHELNUTT11/18/2015 Be the first to review this version


Cinthya is a new take on the age-old Cinderella tale, where magic is a hidden and forgotten reality, and family and friendship is the most pivotal storybook of
S. R. Jones9/4/2015

Circumpolar Heart

Boy Hearts Girl
The unconventional world of the underground can be a whirlwind of art, drugs, and bored promiscuity. Two damaged artists attempt to navigate their love to disco
Josh Vitalie5/6/2018 Be the first to review this version


The unconventional world of the underground can be a whirlwind of art, drugs, and bored promiscuity. Two damaged artists attempt to navigate their love to disco
Josh Vitalie5/6/2018 Be the first to review this version

Citizen in the Wilds

The Acradea Cycle, Book 1
Asherian never wanted to be a hero. His studies in alchemy were preparing him to be a respectable Citizen and businessman, not a warrior. Even the field trip


Rose lives a perfect life in the year 2200 but one tragic incident spurs her to realize how ignorant she has been and leads her on a journey to find the truth.

Clear as Blood

Detective Mary Callinan possesses a sixth sense, powerful as a lightning bolt and more capricious. Her lifelong struggle to harness this ability and combine it
Roberta Tracy7/5/2012


Penny hasn't dated in five years. Witnessing the perfect summer kiss, she decides its time to give love another chance. This time, however, she'll use the Inter
MB Hanna11/5/2011


A Kafkaesque Thriller
Charles is an expatriated American living in Japan who spots himself in a sex video that has gone viral. Initially, he dismisses it as a fluke. His apprehension
Kenneth Wayne6/29/2011

Code 17

While on his campaign tour in his well-equipped bus, the President of the United States gets delayed to his next destination due to a storm. During the night th
Wayne Norris8/23/2013

Cold Fire

His growling turned into a quiet rumbling. "I'm weakening, Crystal. My fire is dull. It's growing harder and harder to keep this connection with you. I can't ev
By Kay Tay4/27/2014


Modern Times viewed through Short Stories
A commentary on Modern society and Culture, Collections features short stories that deal with important themes pertaining to modern times, such as corruption, v
AJR Sottil5/8/2011


"Have you ever felt like the world you lived in was simply a dream? That if you just force yourself to wake, all of the happenings of the day would just be a ma

Come Undone

The Cityscape Series, #1
Olivia Germaine has already found love. Devoted wife, loyal friend, determined career woman - she’s created the life she always envisioned. But when Olivia lock
jessicahawkins9/22/2014 Be the first to review this version

Come With Me

A short story of seduction strange and consequences dire.
Robert C Roman5/14/2011

Coming and Going

Peter Jameson is looking for a way out of his messy relationships, but will flying to his favorite band's concert be more peaceful or more problematic?
Brandon OBrien7/26/2011

Commanding Magic

Having been trapped in her room and subjected to her mother‘s fashion sense longer than Silory wants to remember; she is determined to break free. In order to d
Sarah Hambleton12/24/2011

Comrade Kitten

A Chinese woman's journey from a peasant girl trying to survive during the Japanese invasion to a communist soldier under Mao's leadership. After living through
Kitten Comrade5/2/2011


a short story
Eddie January has the perfect parents, and they are the perfect family living the perfect American middle class dream. Or is there something else going on? Th
Mike Perkins11/22/2011


A gigantic tidal wave threatens the city of Urris and upon its back sails an invading army weilding a powerful water crystal. One wizard knows the origin of the
Curtis Rhea Campbell5/28/2015


Nanowrimo 2013
This is the story of a group of girls who dabble in witch craft.
By JM Wagner11/27/2013


by JT Velikovsky
An Atom, recounts his "life so far" - from The Big Bang - up to now, touching on all the `memorable moments’ (well – the conflicts, mostly) between all the peop


Catalina is a teenage girl who suddenly finds herself in a different world than the one she is used to. She discovers that nothing is what she thought it was,


If you had a time machine, the first thing you'd do is bring back the most advanced medicine and technology for the benefit of all humanity, right? Well, maybe
richard keslerwest10/29/2013


When Camille Rebecca Jones, ex-heiress, ex-socialite, and ex-African Relief pilot, returns home to save her Uncle’s executive jet charter company she faces ever

Corianne Castle

A working title
orianne Castle is 16 years old and just got a summer job at the Willy Spurket theme park in the touristy, dilapidated town of South Keys, Florida. Her father va
By Caitlin G.12/8/2013

Cousin Felicity and the Eels of Misty Point

Daniel's bitter civil war with his sister Sophie is interrupted by the arrival of his glamorous cousin, Felicity. In turn, Felicity's dramatic entrance is quic
Kaal Kaczmarek8/8/2011