Commanding Magic

By Sarah Hambleton

Draft 4 Posted Date: 12/24/2011

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Traditional Fantasy

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About the Book:

Having been trapped in her room and subjected to her mother‘s fashion sense longer than Silory wants to remember; she is determined to break free. In order to do so she must first learn to walk again without her mother discovering what she’s up to. But things get complicated when Silory’s magic reveals its’ self in unexpected ways, inspiring her parents to place her in an apprenticeship with none other than the kings head mage. In the process of learning who and what she is, Silory catches the eyes of not only several high and powerful nobles, who seek to determine her future, but of the Great Goddess herself. As unseen events and disasters unfold, Silory finds she has to rely on herself to overcome not only her foes, but the fear that lies with in her heart as well.

About the Author:

Sarah currently lives where there are three seasons- wet, dry and hurricane. Together with Handsome knight and sweet daughter they brave lifes's adventures.

Author's Note:

Requested feedback Criteria: Overall Feedback, Point of View, Dialogue

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