C.O.P. Cash Over People | Police Corruption. The Ultimate Betrayal.

By Rodney Pittman

Draft 3 Posted Date: 8/28/2012

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Police Procedural

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About the Book:

When Officers Stoney Brooks, Robert Sinclair, and Bruno Knight (Stoney, Sleeper, and Spanky) had joined the Boston Police Department, they swore to protect and serve the public. To supplement their incomes, they blackmailed suspects with incriminating evidence gathered at crime scenes. They created a new lifestyle and founded ‘The Dixie Club.’ When they hung out together, they set the stage for entertainment and had the time of their lives. Communicating with throwaway cell phones, they first showered the suspect with blissful praises. When they were feeling elated, they flipped the script and shoved a lengthy prison sentence down their throats by revealing what evidence they were in possession of. It had gotten so that they had more fun staging the hypes; rolling their five minute dialogues on the suspects, than collecting the money. Everything was going smoothly, then Stoney had the audacity to want to be a fiction writer. That’s when things got out of control.

About the Author:

Rodney R. Pittman is a true blood Bostonian and shows much promise to be another great New England writer.

Author's Note:

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