Chance Inheritance

By JJKendrick

Draft 4 Posted Date: 1/1/2014

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Women"s fiction

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About the Book:

Life is a gamble. The key to true happiness is in making peace with whatever side of the bet you land on. G--is for Gretchen: Cynical, brutally honest, impulsive, loyal. The Enforcer. A--is for Allison: Kindhearted, optimistic, accepting, non-judgmental. The Nurturer. L--is for Leslie: Stoic, steadfast, levelheaded, unemotional. The Analyst. Gretchen Nowak was dealt a lousy hand in the game of life. Her luck changed when she met Allison Clark and Leslie Patrick. The GALs share a unique bond that carries them through life. Whenever triumph or heartache arises, they coalesce and face it together. Each woman bears a burden of heritage that colors their outlook and charts their individual course. No one ever expected Gretchen to fall in love, least of all Gretchen. The relationship presents obstacles that lead to a life altering decision. Her friends have misgivings about her choice, yet support her with unwavering allegiance. Gretchen’s innate disposition to live life fully sustains her even when circumstances invite misery. She ultimately learns that happy endings do exist, yet often follow circuitous paths.

About the Author:

am a self-professed gym rat and chocoholic who has always dreamed of writing a novel. Now I'm on book two and having a blast.

Author's Note:

Hi, I'm looking for general feedback on Chance Inheritance. What works, what doesn't. I will return reads for any genre. Thanks, JJ

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