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A Year With Alaska

College Junior Ian Taylor has been in love before, but never with another guy. Finding himself while falling in love with Freshman Alaska Jackson, Ian's life ta
Stephanie Fox11/28/2015

Abduction Trilogy

This story has been revised plus two more stories of Abduction have been included.
Yezall Strongheart10/12/2011


In his sophomore English final exam, sixteen-year-old Jonathan Cooper announces that he can no longer live the lie he has been living, a lie that has led him to
Karen Topham9/26/2013


"Un seul être vous manque et tout est dépeuplé." -- Lamartine
The phone call Solange Beaulieu receives in Paris announcing the death of her best friend Emily is followed by another even more troubling. Emily maybe or may
MarieJo Fortis5/22/2013 Be the first to review this version

Absolute Surrender

Twitchy [working title]
Amelia has been promised to a duke. The problem is, she is also in love with a baron, and he is in love with her and has been for all of their lives. This duke
Jenn LeBlanc10/21/2014


Unhappy with his life of two failed marriages, no children and no job satisfaction, Andy Shepstone is invited to interview an alien. He is a trusted war corresp
Charles G Dyer3/19/2013

Accidental Demon

A dark look at the cost of being different

Adia and Delio

Adia Altvie has been raised as a man in a man's world. But the only problem is, she's a woman. And when she discovers love for the first time under the hot summ
Jean Lowe Carlson9/25/2015 Be the first to review this version

Adventurers and Their Journeys

Story One
Welcome to this world of EschLemKit. Elves, Humans, and Kindroves play around. Join me and read the tales of the Adventurers and their Journeys. This is the
Ivy McHale9/8/2013 Be the first to review this version


Seattle police detective Kevin Strode takes a smoke break while waiting for the chief psychiatrist of Western State Hospital for the criminally insane. Upon his
Greg Meritt4/8/2014


High School student, Nick Murray's sudden death is no accident. What he thought was his life has been an illusion created by powerful celestial beings. But for
Neil Ostroff3/25/2013


Mankind is becoming corrupt and greedy, and hells armies now outweigh that of heaven, God needs a new champion, one so pure of heart that he cannot be tempted b
Ian J Smethurst4/27/2011


The Other I
AHAM is a tale of a young man who believes that the path to true happiness in life is through the relentless pursuit of money. Born in a middle class Indian fam
Nanda Kishore Rajanala12/22/2014 Be the first to review this version


Another story about a girl...
Set in planet Daeon, the theme of color comes alive as each city dresses its people in their respective shades and hues of the rainbow all to show forced suppor


The Wanderer Chronicles
Dido's on a quest, a quest to avenge the murder of her fiancé, Jeremy Walker. With the help of a bossy Witch, a short-tempered Shifter, an ancient Banshee, and
Ashley Christiano6/3/2011


A Prequel to 'Callous'
ACCEPTING DEATH --- His eyes were dead when he looked at me. He knew what I had done. I saw him unsheath his blade, and I was certain he would never forgive me
Sabrina Jade Howard2/29/2016


Salitre Quest
Do not let fear be your ally, or enemy, master it. Akir, the thirteen-year-old prince of Camaria, lives by this mantra. He has a disability, he lost his arm in
Charl F king2/17/2012

Alien Cowboys

a short story
I've been having this dream lately. It's beginning to take up a lot of my spare time. Or is it just a dream?
Bill Barrett4/11/2014

Alien Wars

After colonizing a string of worlds, first contact goes amok.
After first contact, man discovers horrifically violent aliens at war where slavery is common and life is of little value.
L K Pinaire7/20/2011

All or Nothing

A single mom will stop at nothing to get her daughter the education she needs, even if it means turning her back on her first chance at true love.

All We Need Is an East Wind

Kasey Sun gets possessed by ghosts for a living. She doesn't love the career, but it pays the bills, and keeps her from being vulnerable to wandering spirits th


Mathew wakes up many nights in a row after having dreams that he can't really remember. He decides that they must mean something and he tries to get the true m
Craig Peterson7/6/2014

Alpha Team Seven

This is just a little snippet of California native author "Steven Hurt's" Alpha team seven. Alpha team seven is a Science fiction action adventure thriller.
Steven Hurt5/13/2014 Be the first to review this version

Among Wolves

A Thriller
As a disaster response specialist working in the Middle East, Dr. Jacob Chase was prepared for every imaginable tragedy--except his wife's murder. The bombing
Dustin Turner1/13/2014 Be the first to review this version

An Assassin Returns

Enter the Wolf
Galvin, the masked assassin, returns from hidden realm called the Ghost Prison when he is warned that the curse has manifested in a powerful army. Once free he
Serena Bailey1/21/2013

And I Heard a Man Call My Name

This is a flash fiction exercise using the prompt: "The distance between two points increases over time." May, a thirteen-year-old, recalls how her father's chi
Blakely Chorpenning4/30/2011

And The Last Shall Be First

This is a complete short story, not a chapter from a novel. Doug Koeberl is the Prime administrator for the starship Gem of the Stars. With a compliment of 250
Tom Wolosz4/22/2012

And Then They Died (working title)

No Chapter 1 posted...
This young adult re-envisioned Hamlet, reminiscent of Hunger Games, is set 1000 years after an apocalyptic asteroid shower. Humankind decimated, matriarchal fe

Androids Over New York

A Legion Ayers Mystery
This was actually the first Legion Ayers novel, intended to casually parody the sci-fi genre, but you get into a story and it requires a plot....and that turned
Arnold Baruch10/30/2014

Angel Love

Maddalena opens the door to the love of her life.

Angel of Light, Angel of Dark

Lara, a girl who is isolated and in pain with the loss of her best friend and into this comes a mysterious goth, Zoe, who befriends her and frightens her at the
G J Marshall5/4/2013

Angel of Mercy

The story I've submitted, Angel of Mercy, is one I hope to include in a book of stories I"m planning. It. won the Editors' Choice Prize at and
Don Pizzarello4/18/2014

Angelden Academy

Life After Death: Part 1
Sean Valliant is a normal kid perfectly content remaining in the shadows of his much more gifted friends. His two best friends Jason Michaels, the all-American
E.D. Harris4/3/2014

Angels, Monks, and Hormones

The Southern Baptist preacher's son who longed to be a nun
What happens when a Southern Baptist preacher's son, growing up in the conservative south, wants to become a nun? Before I transitioned, my father told me that
Christy Marie Kent9/26/2013


Caranome and Tia, wife and mistress, once rivals, now sisters in sorrow, meet in the laboratory of Herculo Chiavengo where Dickson, his rabbity cyber-technician
Sturgis Holt4/30/2011

Apocalypse Anois

Sean, Patrick and Alan are first year students in a city on the west coast of Ireland who have been growing apart more and more. But the trio are forced togethe
Conor Forrest11/29/2012

Ariana of the Island

Every year the dying members of the Sea Eagle tribe take a final journey to the Empire of Valerus, the land of the gods, but when Ariana, the chief’s daughter r
Julie Rossignol4/27/2011

Arms of Angels

Book One of The Chronicles of The Children of Eden
Arms of Angels  is the title of my Steampunk Romance based in 1690s Jamaica.
Nigia Stephens9/15/2013

Ash to Ash

Natalie Owen is a young mother. She tries to do right for her daughter and husband but things get in the way. An old boyfriend comes back into her life and trie

Athena Charles

Former FBI agent Athena Charles, and daughter Lucy, are recovering from her husband William Carter’s death and her resulting miscarriage. After a year of mourni
Ayesha Court2/18/2014


Sam and Scott are a couple of teenagers who live in the small town of Atom. A year ago something horrible happened in the town, which affected Sam's father, Bra
L J Hick2/8/2016 Be the first to review this version


Amon comes from a long line of Hunters: people that help keep the balance of the realm by hunting Rogues. For years, he has been hunting the ones responsible fo
M.B. Negishi12/14/2013

Bad Business

A Titanic Tale
When the hapless (and chap-less) Bob Bobbins inherits his fake dead grandmother’s estate, he is handed the keys to a rather exclusive business, ‘Madame Bob’s Hi
Andy Paine9/17/2015

Bad Friday

Layoffs at MultiCorp happen on Fridays, and senior human resources officer Murray Stinson is tasked with laying off an analyst named Bill Morris. But Bill is di
Marc Poliquin9/6/2013


Balance is an explosive fictional novel about invisible forces that use ignorance, hate and racism to create anarchy and civil unrest in America. Kabe Ward is
M.L. Taylor8/3/2013 Be the first to review this version

Bar Mitzvah

The Making of a Man
How does a young boy survive after his family and village are murdered by Nazis? He must discover the courage within himself to withstand the horrors of war.
Marc P Goldman12/7/2012 Be the first to review this version

Bartering For Love

A comic romance about the compromises we make when choosing a mate -- and a book intended to be an enhanced ebook, complete with webcasts and an interactive sur
Bera Burredo11/14/2012


a new version of Batteries Required
a Latin American drug lord flees San Carlos after a coup there.From New Orleans he tries to make a deal for his land, finding a lot of interest because his drug
ken miller6/29/2011


"Then why you here?" the cabbie asked. "Looking for a body," Drew said. "I have to find a body and send it home." The cabbie spit out the window. "You looking f
ken miller5/28/2011


An unaware teen becomes the guardian of tiny creatures whose existence could bring about the total destruction of Earth.
CJ Gillett11/15/2011