By L J Hick

Draft 10 Posted Date: 2/8/2016

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Sam and Scott are a couple of teenagers who live in the small town of Atom. A year ago something horrible happened in the town, which affected Sam's father, Brad, the Sheriff, badly. Although things have quieted down now, and the pair are enjoying a warm summer, Scott and Sam are still intrigued about the events of a year ago. When a stranger buys the place that nobody wants to own, the boys pay him a visit. The stranger proves to be a rude and unusual looking man called Felstar. This is bad enough, but when Scott's mother takes an interest in him, Scott is infuriated. When Brad is called to investigate a murder that has all the hallmarks of the previous nightmare, he questions his own competency. Sam wants to repair his parent;s fragile marriage, but how can he, when his father is troubled so deeply? Sam seeks solace with his grandfather, George but does George know more than he his ready to say? The fingers of suspicion are pointing firmly at Felstar, but Felstar intends to do an awful lot more than just point back. Atom is a modern horror tale, which twists and turns its way through the story.

About the Author:

L J Hick lives in Warwickshire, England with his wife and three children. His first novel, Gods and Monsters is part of The Last Days Of Planet Earth series. The second novel in the series, Tribes has now been published. The third book in the series, The Children of Raphael, will be published in November.

Author's Note:

Atom is a very rough first draft. Please feel free to point out all the flaws or things that irritate you that you can, The cover is only a placeholder (my son is a graphic designer, waiting on him). Writing can be a solitary process and I really want the opinions of others for this book. There are a lot more chapters than there are showing on here, but I will just update it a little at a time. This is so that people can read it in segments rather than one whole novel. I have tried to retain the original formatting on here, but every time I save the text it disappears. If anyone has any tips for formatting on here, that would be greatly appreciated as well.

Requested feedback Criteria: Overall Feedback, Point of View, Voice, Character Development, Plot, Dialogue, Pacing, Setting, Continuity

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