Adia and Delio

By Jean Lowe Carlson

Draft 2 Posted Date: 9/25/2015

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Historical Romance

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About the Book:

Adia Altvie has been raised as a man in a man's world. But the only problem is, she's a woman. And when she discovers love for the first time under the hot summer sun of Piaterrona, a peninsula to the south of the Onvittaine, it is just as suddenly ripped from her. Now Adia struggles with facing the rituals of forced courtship to marry in the traditional family-arranged way. And her bitterness rages until she meets the ostentatiously witty Delio Marsienti, who grieves his own failed love and convinces Adia to enter into a sham courtship so they can both get what they want - love.

About the Author:

Jean Lowe Carlson is a writer of dark supernatural romance and epic fantasy fiction, but her novels vary widely into dystopian fantasy and even into supernatural westerns with some erotic content. Jean writes genre-bending and genderqueer fantasy, mixing a keen and gritty blend of epic, romantic, erotic, dark, supernatural, and dystopian fantasy. Her sensual, raw worlds remind one of Jacqueline Carey, Clive Barker’s Imajica, Anne Rice, and Robin Hobb. Jean holds a doctorate in Naturopathic Medicine from Bastyr University in Seattle, and as a doctor, she has a keen awareness of psychology, energy, nature, and human behavior. She currently practices Esoteric Buddhism (tantra), yoga, Reiki, and Emotional Freedom Technique (EFT). Jean pulls from this knowledge to paint vivid and emotionally complex characters, set amidst the broader scope of nations in turmoil or societies with riveting secrets or supernatural elements. Not afraid of exploring all kinds of relationships, including LGBTQ and BDSM, her novels are exciting, passionate, challenging, and lush.

Author's Note:

Only the first four chapters are included here of about 125K words, but I'm looking for feedback on pacing, story, and interest of characters and the overall concept. Does this interest you? Does it make you keep reading? I've classified it as a romance, but technically, the story is an alternate reality version of Florence, Italy. It is more of a fantasy novel than a true romance with more of a fantasy pacing, though it has strong romantic elements. It has a few threesomes, and M/M content, but also some darker scenes later in the book as the characters explore their histories and emotions, common to my overall writing style, as it is in the same world as my Three Days of Oblenite series (see I'm looking to release this sometime later this year, and am searching for an editing partner that enjoys the writing style, and also looking for cover critique. Ciao!

Requested feedback Criteria: Overall Feedback, Voice, Character Development, Plot, Pacing, Continuity