Among Wolves | A Thriller

By Dustin Turner

Draft 6 Posted Date: 1/13/2014

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As a disaster response specialist working in the Middle East, Dr. Jacob Chase was prepared for every imaginable tragedy--except his wife's murder. The bombing that destroyed their clinic that morning in Jeddah haunts him. Texas was once home, but now it feels like a self-imposed exile. He wonders if he'll ever return to the field. That is, until he gets the phone call. Michael Givens, a colleague and the son of a prominent Texas senator, has been abducted. The ransom video goes viral and his story rockets to the top of the twenty-four hour news cycle. The response is immediate. Investigators swarm Givens' office. Emergency Force soldiers kick down doors in the narrow streets of Old Jeddah. And Chase is on a Saudi prince's private jet flying back to the kingdom. First the bombing, now this. Chase fears they are connected. And if his agency's real purpose in Saudi Arabia has been discovered, he must do whatever he can to stop it from being exposed. Before they murder him too. Complete at 82,000 words, AMONG WOLVES is a 2013 Colorado Gold Finalist for Best Action Thriller of the Year.

About the Author:

I am the former international field director for a medical relief agency. My work has taken me to many global hotspots, including Sudan, Egypt, and Haiti. The characters in my story are inspired by people I met during my travels.

Author's Note:

Thanks to those who have already provided feedback. Here's the manuscript. I've given it to a professional editor for polishing.

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