Children of War | Coils of the Jumon

By Kevin Rhames

Draft 3 Posted Date: 12/6/2011

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High / Epic Fantasy

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Cyrn is burning. After age long wars, only a few of the world's guardians remain untouched by death and madness. Each immortal plots at seeing his version of the future realized. Though their schemes run deep through the many layers of deception and intrigue that blanket Cyrn, they all have one aspect in common an indentured servant named Frey. Currents beyond Frey's ability to struggle against pull him slowly into a timeless war that has been raging across Cyrn as long as men have tread on it. Never knowing who to trust as each immortal seeks to implant their own ideology within in him, he turns to the arms of a young women, who has a gift so old it could undo the very fabric of the immortals and their schemes. As Frey wrestles with the immortal emerging inside himself the enemies of his father close in and his only allies were once his most despised captures. A choice awaits, to join the immortals and continue a war of ageless genocide or undo the very nature of his world.

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Requested feedback Criteria: Overall Feedback, Pacing, Setting

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