1 Chapter. The secret of woman's power | Novel with Lessons

By Alexandra Joy

Draft 4 Posted Date: 10/2/2013

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Women"s fiction

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About the Book:

The book is much more than an inspirational and amusing romantic novel about a woman learning ancient wisdom from her aunt in the south of France. The book opens a secret how any woman can become successful in her career and attractive to men. Women, unlike men, are able to store energy within their body. Several independent traditions point out to this fact, and state that energy is accumulated in their uterus. A man uses a woman as the source of energy, and therefore is attracted to a woman who is able to fulfil him and recharge, like a battery. That is why men are drawn to such a woman like butterflies to the flame in the darkness. However, each sexual intercourse takes a woman’s energy. So she should be more selective in her sexual life.

About the Author:

For about 10 years I have been eagerly searching the principles, which determine an ultimate magnetism of some women. The most fascinating question for me was what the greatest women in history, such as Cleopatra, Scheherazade, Thais of Athens, legendary hetaerae, famous geishas, and renowned courtesans in Europe, had in common. Intuitively I understood that their attractiveness had nothing or very little to do with their external beauty. Think of Cleopatra, who won the hearts of such men as Caesar and mark Antonio. Her images passed to us from the ancient times show that she wasn't good looking by any means. That gave me the clue that there was something more to those women’s success, not only in their love, but also in other areas of life. It looked like the world was at their feet, but why?

Author's Note:

The genre of the book is very unusual, and is a non-fictional fiction with a blend of motivational book, personal development , psychology, soft erotica and romantic novel. I would really appreciate to hear your point of view and feedback about the book, how interesting it is etc. Any suggestions are very welcome!

Requested feedback Criteria: Overall Feedback, Point of View, Character Development, Plot, Dialogue, Pacing, Setting

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