By Greg Carroll

Draft 1 Posted Date: 11/12/2013

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Young Adult Romance

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About the Book:

Case Metzger's life had always been driven by two things: numbers and love. His love for his childhood crush had gotten him in and out of several tough spots, along with the care of a tight knit family residing in western maryland. His extraordinary imagination and eccentric thinking had made him believe that a certain sequence of numbers, 4-2-1, ultimately were brought to his attention to lead him toward the life he wanted and the love he desired. There was only one thing standing in his way, pride. Hanging on to a string of hope, he struggles not only with his desire for a more intimate relationship with Lacey Sewell, a sweet, beautiful girl normally found much further south of the mason Dixon, but with the lessons he chooses to take from the numbers that always seem to follow him. As he watches his own life unfold before him, one repetitious number sequence at a time, each relationship in his life he had built is directly impacted by his own interpretation of them. And over the course of a winding road toward his destiny, he ponders if destiny is predetermined by a greater power, or at one's free will.

About the Author:

Greg Carroll currently resides in Thurmont, Md with his girlfriend and her two children. He graduated with a BBA from Shenandoah University in Winchester, VA. He is an aspiring author and currently works for a large bank in Frederick County, Maryland

Author's Note:

This is my first draft of my first novel. It took me just over a year to complete. Thank you to all of my readers and those who provide any and all feedback. I appreciate your time and god bless.

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