Death Notes (was: Jumping the Shark) | previously titled: Jumping the Shark

By Gwenyffer

Draft 2 Posted Date: 5/29/2011

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Based on 7 Reviews

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Based on 21 Reviews


General Mystery

Word Count:


About the Book:

When death threats against reality TV star Amber Hamilton escalate to bloodshed, bodyguard and PI Lorraine Keyes must protect the woman America loves to hate.

About the Author:

Gwen resides in the Greater NY Metro area and still works a day job as a markup specialist. She has three dogs, three cats, and a grave addiction to book buying

Author's Note:

This will (hopefully) be the second book in a series. While I'm crossing fingers and doing best to make sure each book can stand alone, it might be necessary to keep in mind most of these characters have some history together.

Requested feedback Criteria: Overall Feedback, Pacing, Continuity

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