By MicheleLee

Draft 1 Posted Date: 5/12/2011

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Urban Fantasy

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About the Book:

Ivy is a woman from an ordinary world turned upside down. Years ago the human world and a world of elves, orcs and magic slammed together. In many ways the world is coping, and until a monster tried to kidnap her from her bedroom in the middle of the night--so was Ivy. In the process of rescuing herself she releases a mysterious, dangerous stranger from a curse. When he swears to repay her she just wants to be left alone, but it's clear someone is after her and she might just need his help to survive. If they can survive each other's secrets first.

About the Author:

Michele Lee was a stable hand, a sandwich artist and a PTA president. Now she's a reviewer, writer, editor and laid-off bookseller. Yes, she's published.

Author's Note:

Cursed is done, but not done, done. It's out with critters and first readers. I'm always looking for new opinions so thanks very much for reading and even if you don't comment I hope you enjoy.

Requested feedback Criteria: Overall Feedback, Plot, Setting

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