By OrlaH

Draft 9 Posted Date: 4/9/2011

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A simple salvaging run turns into a nightmare when scavenger Cam rescues a lone juice rat from a sandstorm. One small act of kindness brings on the wrath of the Rapture Riders and their charismatically unhinged leader Joel, and a couple of ambitiously wrong-headed EPOW! workers. As things spiral out of control Cam realises she may have to seek the help of Joy, a near-mythical figure residing in the nearest United Faith City. Getting into the city is hard enough, getting out again may be impossible, but Cam is all out of choices...

About the Author:

Orla has worked in archaeology, tech support & bookselling. She loves gaming, reading & computers and her two mogs (who disapprove of all her other interests).

Author's Note:

Have had quite a bit of trouble uploading this, and it refuses to retain formatting. Apologies in advance for the lack of double spacing, I'll try to figure out a fix for it.

Requested feedback Criteria: Overall Feedback, Voice, Pacing

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