Deconstructing Bridges

By Nat Rowlin

Draft 9 Posted Date: 4/18/2015

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Romantic Suspense

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About the Book:

Matthew Bridges is in trouble. His three year marriage has come to a screaming halt after discovering that his wife, Rose has been lying to him since the day they met. Realising he does not even remotely know the person he gave his name to, Matthew becomes obsessed with trying to discover why Rose purposefully sought him out from the start. She is clearly hiding some terrible secret. And he will not stop until he solves the mystery and puts her behind bars where she belongs. Rose indeed does have a secret. A secret she has fought hard to keep buried for the last several years. But now there is no further need. The cat is out of the bag, and there is nothing standing between her and her final endgame. Well, nothing except her furious husband, that is.

About the Author:

Nat discovered writing as a university student. Writing was a pastime that was always in the back of her mind and increasingly became a passion. As Nat continues to navigate a busy career, she dedicates a lot of her spare time to reading and writing, as well as also exploring other ideas of artistic expression. A dedicated dreamer, she is someone always looking for beauty, and absolutely loves experiencing the way that people reveal a part of themselves when they share their creativity. It's a true adventure to step into someone else's world. - See more at:

Author's Note:

This draft contains the first 24 chapters. Any feedback welcome!

Requested feedback Criteria: Overall Feedback, Character Development, Plot, Pacing

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