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In the wake of infidelity, lies and emotional wreckage two people plot murderous revenge only to be met with something far more powerful – a tangle of love, hat
DJ Ashway3/16/2014


of love, revenge and forgiveness
In the wake of infidelity, lies, emotional abuse and wreckage two people plot murderous revenge only to be met with something far more powerful – a tangle of lo
DJ Ashway5/6/2018 Be the first to review this version

Enter the Janitor

An urban fantasy where I tried to work in a more humorous slant to the story. This manuscript actually helped me get my first agent, though we've since parted w

Enthusiastically Satisfied

A Local Coffee Shop Fiction
Christian Cook is an enthusiastic barista. He likes his coffee black, his Jameson neat and has a special attachment to his writing chair: a white plastic patio
Curtis Campbell5/18/2012

Entropy's Son

Aarian Kane watched his childhood friends grow and discover their paths. The Eridian seers, responsible for discovering and unlocking the inner potentials of a
by Adam Pitcher11/13/2015

Euclidian 1 Early Chapters

Captain Shisal
A science fiction book about aliens who attack Earth from the alien's perspective.


Book One of The Reaper Corps Series
Eustice P. Jennings awakens alone and confused on an ugly piece of office furniture in Purgatory. Being dead is the least of her problems as she is quickly draf
Alex Gulczynski9/8/2013 Be the first to review this version


The story of a woman's journey through insanity.
Poor Mr. Westwood... He was never fond of the woman to begin with...and now he is tormented by a new quandary. Apparently, the woman has reached another sum

Evening Dawn

A petrified warrior becomes flesh again during an eclipse, but only for minutes. She lives each day only during the dawn, returning again and again to stone.
Michael R Underwood8/31/2011

Everywhere That Mary Went

Jesse Hart used to be somebody: a doctor and a daddy and a man rolled up in one. But that was before his daughter died, before his wife left, before his lone co
Shannon Celebi5/22/2013

Exodus, Stage Left

A Legion Ayers Mystery
"Exodus, Stage Left" recounts special agent Legion Ayers' out-of-control arrival in ancient Egypt from the 26th century and his adventures there as he pursues h
Arnold Baruch10/14/2014 Be the first to review this version


Urban fantasy. Male first person main character. Whole new take on fae.


Lauren Michaels is exhausted with the push and pull of copy editing for Los Angeles’s woman’s magazine, Frenzy, which caters to pop culture, style, and above al
Alex Rosa7/31/2015

Fallen Angel

some faces are never forgotten
Elena Grey, a design graduate, runs into a series of unfortunate events on the night of her graduation party. Her survival and escape from the serial rapist kil

Family Ties

When Grace moves into a 1840s Victorian, she gets more than she bargained for; not only from the home’s dark past, but also from the sexy builder she hires.
Gillian Daniells3/11/2011

Fan Xi

Pronounced 'Fan She' - as Charlie Lee mourns the passing of his dear wife, a little girl - Fan Xi - enters his life and transforms it. Sad, funny and downright
Pete Randall5/7/2013

Far From Normal, More Than Special

(This pitch is pending and will change very soon-huge edit is being done) Annabell hides many secrets from the rest of the world. Wanting to be like everyone el
Meaghan Baker7/24/2011

Farewell, America

Seasoned freelance CIA operative Rayne Foster takes on a mission kept secret even from her CIA field executive, Leland Upchurch. Rayne has no idea why she was t
Vincent Lupiano8/7/2011

Fat Chance

Max is a reality TV show producer who has been fired for lack of ideas. To save his career, he and his cameraman come up with a big one - contestants must gain

Fate's Exchange

Twisted Fate #1
Death wants her. Fate has already claimed her. Angels protect her. When Alyssa Frank dies trying to save herself from a brutal attack, she finds that second c
Sasha Leigh9/12/2014


Farwynth is a world where Elementals once ruled and Dragons once dominated the skies. It is the home of Humans, Dwarves, and Faerani. On the island Kai’atol
Amy Britton Mendoza6/15/2015

Faust in the Time of Mark Zuckerberg

Satan has been overthrown by his Twitter-loving, Facebook-addicted minions. Meanwhile, one man is caught in the crossfire of the revolution.
Kevin Richardson5/25/2011

Ferocious love

A look into a loving master submissive relationship. There will be a slight edge to this story but there is no pain involved.
Demelza Jacobs1/1/2013


Huntsman and Hound, Book One
Naomi won't let anything stop her from protecting her friends. Fortunately Fidelis, a mysterious power in the body of a boy, is susceptible to cookie-bribes.
KD Sarge4/19/2011

Fight or Flight

One year since tragedy struck, and Noah is still wallowing in depression and grief. The only thing that has shaken him out of it is an unexpectedly intimate en
Nicki Hill9/26/2014 Be the first to review this version

Files from The Inqusitor

Sonja Blaize and the Multi-colored Sampo
Sonja Blaize had an exciting enough life as the field reporter for The Inqusitor, Ohio's very own tabloid for the paranormal set. Then her ex comes back into he
Sara Camarata4/26/2011

Final Muster

The first drafts had POV problems. I THINK I now have only 2 POV's. I already know some opinions hold that two is one too many for a story. I am happy with thes
RC Gravelle12/18/2015

Final Resting Place

A man mourns the loss of his wife.
Timothy Noble12/15/2011

Finding Charlie

It isn't like Charlie to stay out all night without calling, but maybe Olivia doesn't know her little sister as well as she thought. The police aren’t concerne
Katie O'Rourke8/25/2015

Finding Libby

Sample: He was like a picture suddenly snapping into focus, crisp lines crawling over black edges. He shook and shivered despite the warm night air. The megawat
by Michelle Hiscox8/8/2014

Finding Oblivion

Book Two in The Reaper Corps Series
Book two of the Reaper Corps Series finds Eustice P. Jennings the last Reaper, alone and betrayed. She takes to The Wastes for refuge as the Eternal Conflict be
Alex Gulczynski9/8/2013 Be the first to review this version


He wasn't crazy. Just anxious. Finley couldn't stop it, couldn't keep the welling fear down when he was left alone. It was a normal condition, at least that's w
Tim Gordon9/2/2013

Fire Born, Blood Blessed

Born into a clan of fire warriors, a half-breed pariah escapes to a desert nation where her gift of mind control will be the salvation or demise of a kingdom.

Fire on Both Sides

One man has taken it upon himself to shut down a criminal ring that kidnaps and sells women and their children. With stunning precision and refined killing skil
Trey Adams4/22/2013

Fire Red

Reflecting on the loss of his family and the part he played, Reid is forced to make a choice.
JK Bradley3/20/2011


As a hostage, Ariana underestimates the criminals behind the lengthy bank heist as she foolishly tries to intervene. Fortunately, Owen, the leader of the heist,

Flea Treatment

Crystal doesn't ask more out of life than to destroy the vampires that imprisoned her family. She willingly joins an experiment that turns her blood into poison

Flight of the Last Hope (Rough Draft)

Tommy is just a poor schlub unloading freighter ships on a Martian colony when an industrial accident destroys his left food. He loses his job rather quickly af

Floating Point

Tyler James is trying to keep his life hasslefree with an undemanding job at a used-book store when his younger brother Russell vanishes in New York City. In ne
Leonard Dolivio4/28/2011

For King or Country

When young William Van Drier is pressed into service in the Royal Navy at the turn of the 18th century, he's headed for adventure on the high seas and in new an
Ella Black5/13/2012

Forever Bound

Book Two
Alec was everything Lilith imagined a lover could be. He was caring, sensual, and attentive to every one of her needs. She wanted and needed him badly to break
Amanda Kimberley1/26/2016

Forever Friends

Book One of the Forever Series
Have you ever dreamed about finding your soul mate? Do you think you'd recognize him as, The One, the instant that you met? Skye thought that Raine was her dre
Amanda Kimberley7/14/2015


Lisette Thomas comes from a house of abuse an neglect. Fleeing her home one night she runs into a vampire who decides to end her suffering. After tasting her bl
Kristine Ondrus5/2/2011

Freedom Taken

When sixteen-year-old Kai's world is torn apart she must find herself and discover her history by immersing herself in an unknown world and surviving.
A Maire Dinsmore1/11/2012


Book One in the Freewill Trilogy
Ellie has discovered an ancient world that exists within, and along side, our own. To survive the mysterious and dangerous, she has to learn what she has become
Elyse Draper5/17/2011

Frog Legs

A Dunbarton Mystery
The body was found in the early morning, face down in the murky waters of the marsh. There was no question that he had drowned. The question was did he have hel
Valerie Tate11/9/2015

From Reality's Edge

Volume One
"Reality's Edge" is a compilation of stories that take readers on a journey through time and space. Visit with a cast of characters: the woman whose new lover i
AR Neal3/13/2014

From Russia With Blood

A tale a young woman thrown into a world of supernatural beings.
Anya grew up in the wilds of Utah and led a wonderful, safe childhood. Once she began attending college in sunny California, her horizons quickly expanded more
Kristine Ondrus5/24/2011 Be the first to review this version


Forced out of her “ice castle” in Winterland, Alaska, 17-year-old Nevara Colderlynd moves to Summerland. A devastatingly sunny town in California. It isn’t unti
B C Haysel5/31/2011


On a winter night in 2009, Niles Goodman risked his life to try and save a woman and her newborn infant from a terrible car accident, seriously burning his hand
Neil Ostroff5/22/2013