Eve | The story of a woman's journey through insanity.

By HayleyKatrin

Draft 1 Posted Date: 8/28/2011

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Gothic Romance

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About the Book:

Poor Mr. Westwood... He was never fond of the woman to begin with...and now he is tormented by a new quandary. Apparently, the woman has reached another summit of annoyance...insanity. When the beautiful, coy young English girl enters his manor, as the nanny of his newborn children, he becomes consumed by her, and has decided he has no other choice than to alleviate his marital dilemma. But how is a respectable man of 1918 to conclude his vows? The public scrutiny that comes with separation would not reflect well on his business endeavors. No, divorce would be far too messy. And so, it seems his only option is the implementation of a flawless murder; a crime so heartrending and unforgivable, he would, in fact, be looked upon with sympathetic compassion and devotion. Unquestionable and unfettered. Alas, things are never as good and simple as they seem...and neither are people. Poor Mr. Westwood... He never saw her coming.

About the Author:

Hi! I'm a 23 year old Commerce student at the University of Toronto. I'm here for any comments and criticisms on my writing! Any are very welcome!

Author's Note:

Requested feedback Criteria: Overall Feedback, Plot, Continuity

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