For King or Country

By Ella Black

Draft 3 Posted Date: 5/13/2012

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Historical Thriller

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About the Book:

When young William Van Drier is pressed into service in the Royal Navy at the turn of the 18th century, he's headed for adventure on the high seas and in new and foreign lands. But, as he transitions from boy to man, he starts to wonder if fighting for the king is worth its price-- and plotting to get himself back on solid ground in the New World.

About the Author:

Ella Black writes, reads, studies, and teaches English and French in the Midwest. She's the wife to one, mother to another, and fights cancer in her spare time.

Author's Note:

I continue to work on this piece after many years of on-and-off writing. It's very loosely based on the true story of one of my ancestors. I hope to capture a coming-of-age story, as well as the issues of the time period, in a fun adventure. I welcome all criticism and feedback. Any additional research resources you could suggest would be welcome, also. Thanks for taking a look! -Ella

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