Exodus, Stage Left | A Legion Ayers Mystery

By Arnold Baruch

Draft 16 Posted Date: 10/14/2014

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Comic Fantasy

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"Exodus, Stage Left" recounts special agent Legion Ayers' out-of-control arrival in ancient Egypt from the 26th century and his adventures there as he pursues his assignment to establish the reality of Moses and the Exodus. The quips and banter are non-stop in this Mel Brooksian romp through Ramses' palace and Moses' escape from Egypt, coupled with appearance of the mysterious and alluring Suhad, courtier to the The Great King Whose Name We Must Not Speak.

About the Author:

Arnold Baruch, an English Instructor and also a professional musician, has lived in Tokyo for over 20 years and created the Legion Ayers Mystery series in 2012.

Author's Note:

This is now the complete current version, a Book Country Top Rated Manuscript for August, 2014. Behind the frivolity is a concern with the violent tendencies of religion, particularly the vengefulness of Jehovah, though I've restricted this pretty much toward the latter part of the work. I have also put together the beginnings of an AUDIO VERSION with musical background and a New York/Jewish Mike Hammer dialect for Legion Ayers. Ramses' dialect is all his own, as is Moses'. A rough audio version sample is currently at https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=TzmnRlejhY8&list=UUoAPUfSQKvW480iQvo75vHw. A second Legion Ayers mystery exists and is available online – I'll be uploading that here in September.

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