Files from The Inqusitor | Sonja Blaize and the Multi-colored Sampo

By Sara Camarata

Draft 1 Posted Date: 4/26/2011

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Based on 4 Reviews


Urban Fantasy

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About the Book:

Sonja Blaize had an exciting enough life as the field reporter for The Inqusitor, Ohio's very own tabloid for the paranormal set. Then her ex comes back into her life, bearing a mysterious object from his families past. Along with it comes an infestation of pink trolls, strange dreams and more fish than Sonja's cat knows what to do with. Sonja has to figure things out pretty quickly or she'll find herself on the losing side of a battle so ancient and obscure that almost no one knows remembers it.

About the Author:

Sara was born with a book in her hands. Since she couldn't get a job as a professional reader she decided to not get a job as a writer.

Author's Note:

I recently broke one of my hands. As a result typing is very difficult. I will be adding and revising to this WIP as often as I can but it will be slow. I humbly ask for your patience. This is most certainly still a work in progress. I look forward to reading your comments and critiques. Hopefully with your feedback I can make this into a story people will like reading as much as I enjoy writing it.

Requested feedback Criteria: Overall Feedback, Voice, Pacing

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