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Henry Spark

‘Henry Spark’ is like Jesus’s Son, richly concise, free of overwrought details, and quotable. Pop culture references insulate Henry from his crumbling personal
Jason Rice5/2/2011

Her Essence in Death

Alternate Title: Chasing Death
Eva Weir is an emotionally numb white private investigator who recently left the Charlotte police department after several attempts to be promoted to detective.
Andrea Wright6/20/2011

Her Ghost Wears Kilts

Sudden blasts of frigid, heart-stopping air are the first clue something’s not right at Baillie’s bookstore. When she hears faint bagpipes and the cat hides fro
Kathleen Shaputis7/22/2013 Be the first to review this version

Her Shadow

Detectives Stacey Monroe and Mark Marion are searching for a killer who leaves no evidence behind at scene. But when they are able to figure out a pattern to th
Fatima Hyman5/17/2011

Hero =/= Villain?

When Collette saves a man's life, she's not really expecting anything. Maybe a pat on the head, a brief moment of fame. What she's not expecting is the offer of
Timothy Maguire1/18/2014

Heroes of Camp

Levi is your average teenager, other than the fact he can manipulate plants. Since school is over, Levi is making his way to Camp Wisteria where he will partici
Morgan Harper1/2/2014

Heroes' Calling

Revised Edition
A defiant story about a guy and his friends. Together they must over come the obstacle of government and religion in order to save themselves and the world... b
Edge Celize2/7/2012


On a summer day in 1939, when two boys weren’t supposed to be anywhere near their abandoned house in Rockridge, Connecticut, an innocent game of hide and seek w
Heather Pemberton6/7/2011


The Final Consequence
Physicists seeking "the dawn of the new physics" use the largest machine ever built by mankind to find the theoretical and controversial "God particle," whose i
Michael Grant8/31/2013


Embittered and battle torn by years of infertility Claire and Grant Carter find themselves on opposite ends of the chasm of barrenness. At a crossroad of love a
Tawni Peterson1/25/2012

His Daughter

A Chase County Novel
Ten years after her father slayed seven Lakeside locals, Cameron Daniels still faces ridicule for a past she did not control. As she strives for a normal teenag
CM Humphries1/6/2012

His Faithful Squire

Rafe meant to learn how to be a partner to Taro, but he got distracted. Now Rafe and Taro are out on their own, and Taro is still charging forward like he has M
KD Sarge4/8/2011

His Mother's Gift

A chance meeting of half brothers in an orphanage throws Sammy Wilde, the product of a loving relationship whose father has been reported missing in Sicily and
John Williams2/9/2012

His Private Maid (Book 1)

Christina Munoz has always lived a humble life. Her mother works as a maid for Gloria Anderson, a famous fashion designer, but falls ill. Christina offers to ta
Lisa Adiele4/1/2015


This novel explores the Kabalistic thought that the human soul is in fact two souls the devine, and the animal. Always there is a battle between the two. To exp
JACOB BEN ZWI2/25/2016 Be the first to review this version


Lucid dreaming can be surprisingly similar to real life, with the addition of nightmarish shadow cults, shape-shifting mind-devourers, and masses of somnambulat
Criss Cross7/26/2011


1st book of 3
When Levi goes to summer camp, he at first thinks he's alone. Levi has the ability to control plants at will. Levi always thought he was the only "special" one.
Morgan Harper6/20/2013

Home of Masterpieces

Guy can't be satisfied with the mundane life at his mum's house in the little village of Twerby, even if parole after serving a sentence for art theft makes tha


Sam Minor remembers nothing prior to age six. What little she does know of her gruesome past is gleamed from old newspaper articles. But when Sam visits her ado
MR Nelson11/22/2012


In Somnion, men don't have magic anymore. Legends say that they displeased the gods, and that their magical gifts were taken away as punishment--but the gods le
Karrie Zai8/25/2011

Homme de la Maison

A mother's stress is too much to endure, as a young boy faces his inner turmoil of becoming a man when his father and brother leave for Napoleon's Grande Armee.
Andrew J Olinde Jr6/29/2011


Even when the dead walk the Earth, despair can be the most lethal killer of them all. Read HOPE and find out how Samuel strives to end the suffering that a dyin
James Blackford4/5/2014

Hornet's Nest

Love Bug #3
Katherine Klein has been warned: Stay far away from Lance Walton. After one night in the country, the quintessential city girl has the unwanted attention of the
Jaycee Ford1/24/2015


Newly retired Roland and Relena find themselves traveling back in time to help and/or save ancestors on their family tree.
Arlene Hill1/16/2015

House Guardian

When Jace started at Leanton School, he really wasn't expecting just how messed up things were going to get. First he gets roped into protecting his house mates
Timothy Maguire11/19/2012

House Guests

Short story about a family suddenly host to mice and then to Elizabeth who appears on their doorstep one evening. Who belongs in the house? What would you do t
A.E. Skeen9/9/2013

House of Pain

Madame Clara is a seven-hundred year old vampire, that runs an underground night club. It's a place she built for people to seek their most intimate fantasies.
Kasandra Gorman-Blasingame2/10/2014

Huckleberry Fang

THE ADVENTURES OF HUCKLEBERRY FANG is a reimagining of Mark Twain’s THE ADVENTURES OF HUCKLEBERRY FINN as a Southern Gothic novel. The book is replete with all
Mark Twain & Carl E. Reed4/29/2016 Be the first to review this version

Human Aspect

In this fantastic coming of age tale, Dauch is a rising star in his clan -- son of the chief, peerless hunter and warrior, effortless shapeshifter -- but he sti
Elizabeth Brooks4/4/2011

I Am Morte

Follow the narrator through time, love, perplexity, and heartache "If they actually have a heart", leading to revelations that are as disturbing as they are mem
Elyse Draper5/17/2011


Our inside! First layer,simple! Second layer,complex! People around the world only care about them. Most of them don't dare or try to think about something else
MD NAZMUL AHSAN2/21/2016 Be the first to review this version

I is Dead

Ai I the Third looses his identity to the Committee of Reality which controls him through an Intuitor implant. Despite the temptations of the new life they prov
Didimus Blacke12/1/2011


I JUST WANTED LOVE: RECOVERY OF A CODEPENDENT, SEX AND LOVE ADDICT is a raw, sometimes brutal, but always sensitive and captivating memoir of D.J. Burr, a 30 ye
D.J. Burr, LMHC, NCC10/16/2013

I Rest My Case

A very short story about a storyteller who is charged with unnecessary use of language.
Bill Barrett5/1/2014

I Want Him For His Brains

Just before the coroner performs her autopsy, Eve wakes up on the dissection table. Horrified, she realizes that she has contracted the Zeta virus, an organism

Ice Cream Moose

A guy is on his way to work when he finds a moose sleeping in his driveway. After a brief conversation, the two become fast friends and eat ice cream. This is
Mike Lynch4/28/2011

If You Don't Cut Your Hair Strait

The Dogs WIll Follow You
You in your life should push your own madness, your own destruction at times it might be helpful to reenact it, ritualize it, or be aware of your d


Illustrious follows the story of a medieval artist in the middle of creating a famous illuminated manuscript called The Hours of Catherine of Cleves. If you'd l
by Michelle Mullet1/18/2016 Be the first to review this version


A botched military mission finds new recruit Christopher Parker in a hostile prison camp. His life has become pain. To escape the prolonged misery of torture, C
Neil Ostroff3/18/2013

Impossible Writer

Katelyn is a rather different sixteen year-old teenager - she is sick and has been her entire life. Despite that, Katelyn hides her little secret. She wants to
Inês Cardoso12/26/2013

In the Arms of Nightmares

Behind the black and white snapshots of VE-Day celebrations and after the roar of the swinging trumpets dies down, a madman hunts his prey. Arthur Reilly hears
Robert Dean3/17/2011

In The Silence

When Hitler's scientists accidentally create a Plague that wipes out half of Europe and spreads rapidly, it changes WWII from country battling country to humans
Olivia Kelly6/23/2013

In Training

In Training is one of many stories Olivia Martin has from the Pryor Mountain Wild Horse Range. Throughout the story, Olivia tries to capture the emotion and per
Olivia Martin1/15/2016


Cameo Rose arrives in Santa Barbara over Halloween weekend to attend a Masquerade Gala, an invitation Cameo accepts out of a sense of obligation and a detached
Jacob Bennett4/11/2012


Blood Isn't Always Thicker Than Water
Jeannie Justice was fixing to graduate school from Alvaton High, when her older sister, Ava Justice was a no-show. Jeannie rushed home to find her house in sham
Jen Hanson9/12/2016 Be the first to review this version


Did her best friend’s uncle just try to murder her by pushing her over the side of the boat? Anna, a young scientist in the making, believes in the hard rules
Kristina Libby5/13/2015

India Was One

by an Indian
…Suddenly, he saw something shiny at the bottom of the abyss. He squinted his eyes to see what it was. He ran back to his binoculars and turned them to see what
An Indian12/3/2011


After the destruction of the American nation by bionic Frankenstein beasts called Indomitus soldiers, seventeen year old Montana native Kody Ryan finds herself
Claire Garner4/12/2016 Be the first to review this version

Inescapable Fate

Not every love story can be beautiful...
Do you really have any real impact on the path your life will take? Or is everything planned out before you? Each step set in stone. The notion of freewill noth
By N K Burke9/2/2015


Kate has taught French to dozens of people, but she has never met anyone like Brad, a diplomat who teaches her to love America and follow her dreams. But an amb
Claire Lyman7/21/2011