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Literary fiction

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About the Book:

Our inside! First layer,simple! Second layer,complex! People around the world only care about them. Most of them don't dare or try to think about something else. Is there anything else without them? Yes it is! The complex layer is about depth. We think nothing down there. It's wrong! The deepest and third layer is the simplest! Simple enough to regret,avoid and fear! But i don't regret,avoid or fear! I just want! I wanted to depict them with affection! No fancy talk,no emotion or convincing to enhance selling! I am presenting you a book of 20 short stories. They are neither good nor bad! May be two or three of them are crap! But the others......you can hate them or love them....praise them or scold the.....but the only thing you are not going to do...... is ignore them!............"I am sorry!"

About the Author:

Md Nazmul Ahasan is a lover of good literary work. Though he studied Mechanical Engineering, he has deep passion for literature. He feels deeply for the innocent people of the world who suffer much without any guilty. He always wants to work for those people. Deep feeling of sorrow for those innocent sufferer and deep passion for literature drive him to make his first literary creation "I AM SORRY". He is a citizen of Bangladesh. Currently he is living in Rajshahi, Bangladesh.

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