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This story is one I hope to include in a book of seven stories I hope to have published. Three of the stories have been posted for peer review on Book Country;
DJ Pizzarello7/4/2014


Episode I
In the future, humanity has joined the great Federation of species slowly spreading across the galaxy. To support its rapid growth, the Federation uses Scions
Christopher Schipper7/29/2013

Gaurdian Angel

Question where you are and what is going on as this face paced short reels you to heart-pounding exhilaration.
P.S. Hinzmann8/31/2013


Rhiannon “Ree” Reyes is doing her best to get by on a minimum-wage job at Café Xombi, a comics, coffee, and game shop in perpetually-rainy Urbanopolis in the we
Michael R Underwood3/24/2012


A lonely distress signal in the Lurala System's asteroid belt attracts the attention of bounty hunter and engineering genius, Cen. The escape pod from which the

Gently through the Lonely Night

A Novella
Shayaan is a young twenty something college goer living with his parents in Dubai and pining over his beautiful neighbour. But the more he learns about his dre
Faisal Pakkali7/12/2014

Getaway Girlz

Vivian Taylor’s dreams drowned the night she found her husband, father of their four young children, in the pool with her. Days from finalizing divorce and in n
Joan Rylen4/27/2013

Girl Found

The past is her only defense
This work is being rewritten. Will post a new draft soon.
lisahall9/6/2013 Be the first to review this version

Girl to Girl

Puzzle pieces come together to for a plot. (Not necessarily in order)

Gloomy Sunday

Bernard Bloch: thief, gambler, alcoholic. A man tormented by his past and haunted by memories of his dead wife, is living day to day in the unforgiving streets


A debut book readers have described as compelling, witty, fun, and engaging. This book has: Conspiracies. Telepathy. Spies. Homicidal knitting. Sentences. (It
Kate Winters7/31/2013

God Bless the Child

A story of Survival, Hope, and Accpetance
K-9 officer, Chase Milan, is living the life he always dreamed he should. He married his high school sweetheart and has followed in his father's footsteps by jo
K T Leone11/23/2011

God's Evil

On an otherwise ordinary Wednesday, Scott Reid's life is turned upside down when vampires attack his apartment building.
JS Carter Gilson6/30/2013

God's Trailer Park Garden

Mysteries, Secrets, Promises & Treasures Never Mentioned in Eden
Vital information is shared regarding scriptural truths, personal relationships and even some advice for when the SHTF. Learn to overcome spiritually, financia
Judy J Peck6/17/2014


Book One of the Fall of the Iron Gods
Joann, Dolf and Mariat are the best students at the Iron Gods' Thaumaturge Academy. Despite having forged peace across the peninsula over a century ago, the God
Timothy Maguire8/8/2014


Born into servitude, Space spent half her life in the lowest banks of the deadly Godwars mine where fallen bodies of ancient gods had turned to stone of immense
Elena Yazykova3/4/2016

Going Up

Henry Wallace watches the stranger from his apartment window. Every night, this mysterious man exits the complex in a suit and tie, looking immaculate and icy,


Legacy of the Fallen 1
At sixteen, Aryana’s already survived five years longer than the average half-blood, securing her right to live by working as an accomplished assassin—a Blade.
Rachel Anne Marks8/9/2013

Good Gods

Chapter 1-5
Waking up at the base of Mtn. Olympus, Celina discovered that she is really a Greek Goddess. Since that moment, nothing in her life has gone well. Her once stro
EB Solace1/27/2015

Goodnight Creatures

This is intended to be a children pictures book.
Ellie is a little girl that can't fall asleep she gets distracted by the shadows in her bedroom and the wonderful world outside her window. Before she knows it
Kathy 8/2/2012


Gwen is a caster living in Gottenfor, the last remaining kingdom in a world of mountains. She now faces her final test into adulthood, killing a Saber-Tooth
Blueberry Dragon 2/13/2013


Young Amy wants to get from her swing set to her house. All that stands in her way is grass.
Charles Shell4/9/2013

Green Under, Orange Across, Part 1

A young woman departs from self-prescribed isolation with the sudden death of her estranged brother.
Melissa Toldy1/8/2016 Be the first to review this version

Grievous Angel

In the economically-depressed city of Desert Hot Springs, California,high-school student Sam Lodge, skateboarding and stoned, suffers through a lonely birthday
Bruce Craven11/25/2011

Growing Season

Meszen is tired of being a wild child and living a life apart from her people, but Mother Droszen has the final word on if she can return.
TM Thomas2/26/2013


Guy Stevens is a simple man with a simple life. He has a beautiful and intelligent fiancee and has just found a job after six months of unemployment. Guy, howev
Johnr Williams4/19/2012

Half Hanged

In 1741, there was a man named John MacNaghten. He was charming. He was adventurous. And he left a trail of blood in his wake. Based on a popular folk legend o
Lauren Fontaine2/25/2014

Hamelin's Child

A thriller set in the seedy world of London's drug rings, this book contains strong scenes and adult material.


Hannelore has taught first grade long enough to see her former students grow up and become the parents of her current class. Like many people, she has a long li


a novel
May's father died in the 9/11 terrorist attack and her mother has been absent since. She gets by in life until one day she meets the boy of her dreams. This boy
India Alford5/30/2013

Happy Birthday, Cousin Natalie

Natalie Rozanski helps run a small brokerage firm in LA. When her boss dies at the celebration of their latest dead, she is given his job. But soon the files ar
Brian Lowe3/10/2012


Alistar Meriwether is a successful trader and an honest man, a far cry from the scheming scavenger he’d been raised to be. As Alistar plans the biggest sale of

Harbinger's Kiss

Toronto's most notoriously eligible bachelor doesn't stand a chance against this nosy librarian. Laurel Harbinger, a struggling twenty-something, stumbles into

Harbingers of El Tinor

Once again, the world is reaching its ultimate destiny; its and humanity's fate now in the hands of three women. Aithne, the only daughter and heir of the Hou
Lidy Wilks8/12/2014


This is a paranormal mystery that follows a character called Haven. Haven has an unique life that tends to bring more danger then tranquility to her. As the boo
BJ Myers4/26/2016

He Came

Children of the Shadows: Book 1
Arch is hopeless, until he is approached by an enigmatic leader of an underground gang. Will he escape poverty? Or will his inner demons destroy his future?
Jayne ODwyer5/5/2011

He Hates Soap.

A Short Story
Why? Why? Why can't he get away from it. Soap. Vile, putrid. It's destroying his life. He has another vision. Must save her.

He Used To Be My Girlfriend

and Other Tales Of Transition
Can true love survive when Michelle abruptly leaves Ethan to transition from a female to a male? Ethan, a bisexual, hopeless, romantic, thinks he's finally fo
Jason V Anderson11/16/2011


Everyone knows that Allie Mitchell's father murdered her mother. When Allie discovers that Jay Finnegan's dad may be tied to other deaths that same fateful we

Heart Failure

A Machine of Death Short
Heart Failure is a short about Lyn, an AI in a world where each AI only lives as long as their client pays for server time. She is born into servitude, knowing
Robert C Roman7/13/2011

Heart of Glass

Sherwood Institute for the Magically Afflicted. A refuge for those seeking remedy from curses, hexes and other fantastical ailments. In one night, Ariel Winter
Melissa Lucas8/25/2015

Heart of Marble

Trista admired superheroes--until she dated one. Disillusioned, she's less than thrilled when she develops powers of her own. While struggling with her newfound

Heart of Texas

first 5 chapters
Daniel Preis is a young journalist from Boston who works for a soft-porn magazine called ‘Leather and Lace’. His reputation turns for the worse when he writes a
Kirk Haggerty1/19/2015


Magic Has Glitches
A young witch discovers true love will always be just outside her grasp. Cursed at birth, she challenges the curse to reverse it. But even magic has glitches.
Lora Belle11/21/2011


a short story
The little girl needed immediate open-heart surgery but her tiny ski village was encased in the blizzard of the century. Her father was still trying to recover
Mark Bartel10/4/2014


Heather looks for love in all the wrong places, but her undoing comes from a dark, mysterious foreigner. (Very short story, <1000 words)
Anna Spargo Ryan6/19/2014

Heaven Help Me

Melody was just a guardian angel looking to earn her wings until Cable turned her world upside down, being a demon and all. Would she fall or would she save him
Stevie McCoy4/2/2012

Heaven Refused

When Raine Campbell returns home to Kentucky for a brief visit with family, she notices changes in their attitudes and personalities. The changes are positive,

Helicopter Show

A zebra and a rocket ship befriend an somewhat antisocial bumblebee. This is a 2,200-word short story.
Mike Lynch5/17/2011

Hell in a Hand Basket

Olivia is realizing and learning some important life lessons in her mid-thirties, that she wishes she had learned in her 20s like other women. For the first tim
Anne Robinson1/7/2016 Be the first to review this version