Good Gods | Chapter 1-5

By EB Solace

Draft 6 Posted Date: 1/27/2015

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Paranormal Romance

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About the Book:

Waking up at the base of Mtn. Olympus, Celina discovered that she is really a Greek Goddess. Since that moment, nothing in her life has gone well. Her once strong marriage to Roman now has all the hot passion of Antarctica. She is consumed with mommy-guilt, all the other Greek Gods want her to join them, and her normally invasive mother is even more up in her business. To make it all worse the Titan's, the sworn enemy of the Greek Gods, they've returned and are bent on leveling LA. Roman, Celina's husband, once a very long time ago lost the the love of his wife. He got a redo on their marriage, and this go around he's not going to lose her. Not to the other meddling little gods, not to the Titans, and especially not to her mother. They can all go to hell. And funny, he's just the guy to see that happen.

About the Author:

EB Solace - is just hanging out and looking to learn more about this spooky craft we call writing. Your help is much appreciated on her journey.

Author's Note:

Hey ya'll - From chapter 1-2 I got lots of comments about the Hero (well, that and my AMAZING editing skills...I swear, a real editor will one day be paid to correct my mess.) Anyway, this is a romance. Hero's matter--A LOT. So, does he work? I'm not asking if you, as a reader, are all jumping in bed with the dude, but do you want to keep reading about him. (My Hubby says that the Hero doesn't do anything for him. So guy's it's cool if you're not feelin' it - I'm more worried about my target audience.)

Requested feedback Criteria: Overall Feedback, Point of View, Voice, Character Development, Plot, Dialogue, Pacing, Setting

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