By Elena Yazykova

Draft 6 Posted Date: 3/4/2016

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High / Epic Fantasy

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About the Book:

Born into servitude, Space spent half her life in the lowest banks of the deadly Godwars mine where fallen bodies of ancient gods had turned to stone of immense magical power. She cares for her two small siblings, saving every coin she can to buy them the freedom she never had. Then she finds the first wrathstone in a century -- the most dangerous stone the world has ever seen – even more dangerous than the mages that come for its power. Faced with a choice between life and duty, Space will do anything to win her and her siblings' freedom, even if it’s going into the depth of Godwars and toward certain death.

About the Author:

Elena Yazykova was born in Vyborg, Russia, moving with her family to United States as a child. She had found her home in the foresty, wintery state of Utah that makes her wonder why she had bothered leaving Russia in the first place. When not chasing her parrot, she dabbles in corporate politics and goes through journals at an alarming rate. Her work has appeared in multiple publications such as Sunstone, Leading Edge, and Touchstones magazines. Messages her for details, rants and questionable life advice.

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