Farewell, America

By Vincent Lupiano

Draft 2 Posted Date: 8/7/2011

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Political Thriller

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About the Book:

Seasoned freelance CIA operative Rayne Foster takes on a mission kept secret even from her CIA field executive, Leland Upchurch. Rayne has no idea why she was told to have brunch with the rancorous Myles Lane, a high-level National Security Agency executive and friend of Upchurch's. Even as she arrives at an outdoor cafe in Munich, the splended sunshine and perfumed air can't dispel her gloom, and what will soon become her most dangerous operation. But their conversation comes to a blinding halt when Myles Lane jumps abruptly from their table, runs to his car, opens the door, and vanishes in a horrendous explosion. Rayne questions if she, too, was meant to be killed. Others ponder if Rayne was the perpetrator or merely an unwitting bystander to some act of vengeance. Now, she is untrusting of everyone—including her own capability and judgment. Rayne takes on this no-name mission in the hope of saving the United states from an eleventh hour attack and takeover by Russian forces.

About the Author:

A freelance writer and speech writer, Vince is also an agent for two symphony conductors. He travels a lot, and considers himself a "pro-am" photographer.

Author's Note:

"Farewell, America" is the sequel to "Eagle's Gold" posted here. "Farewell, America" is a work in progress. So far, I've completed the first chapter and am working on chapter 2 and 3.

Requested feedback Criteria: Overall Feedback, Voice, Pacing

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