By Tim Gordon

Draft 5 Posted Date: 9/2/2013

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Middle Grade

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About the Book:

He wasn't crazy. Just anxious. Finley couldn't stop it, couldn't keep the welling fear down when he was left alone. It was a normal condition, at least that's what Doctor Hale told him, but that didn't lessen his guilt when his parents were forced to stay home and "babysit" instead of enjoying a night away. He was trying, though. Trying to be normal. He was twelve, he could handle waiting at a bus stop while his mom went to an appointment. Simple. Yet panic set in within moments of the car disappearing out of view. And, despite the same churning in his gut that happened time and time again, this time the irrational fear might actually be justified.

About the Author:

Tim Gordon is a public accountant in Colorado who decided to move off the number pad and discover what the other keys on the keyboard could do

Author's Note:

I've taken the feedback I've received so far (first seven reviews) and have tried to retool the story from the ground up. Parts of it are better, parts still need work. Please let me know where it's weak. Anything short of "print it out, burn it to ash, throw the ashes in the ocean, and start all over" will be welcomed criticism. Thanks

Requested feedback Criteria: Overall Feedback, Character Development, Pacing

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