Cross Keys

By Dave McClure

Draft 1 Posted Date: 3/3/2012

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Based on 4 Reviews


Political Thriller

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About the Book:

Jack MacLeod and Doc Gray are back, fighting to crack a conspiracy that should have died with the Confederacy. Hidden since the end of the Civil War, the Knights of the Golden Circle survived to quietly infest the highest levels of government and business. Now the KGC is making its move, using deceit and violence in a bid to dramatically expand the borders of the United States. And the only thing standing in their way are one battered fraud investigator and his friend, the ex-Navy SEAL Doc Gray. With a little help from the FBI and Special Agent Andrew McCoy, Jack and Doc will weave their way from the battleground at Cross Keys to the mountains of western Virginia to stop the KGC and its plans. The Knights have money, power and weapons, but they’ve made one small mistake. They’ve shot him, beaten him, tortured him, killed a friend and taken his money and his honor. For the Knights of the Golden Circle, it’s just about business and profits. For MacLeod, it’s about getting even.

About the Author:

A writer and editor for 35 years, McClure is an Internet pioneer and technologist with a love of smoky bourbons and red wines. He resides in western Virginia.

Author's Note:

This is my second book, and the second one featuring fraud investigator Jack MacLeod and his friends. Better, tighter, it was still a fun book to write. If you would like to comment, I would love the feedback. If you really like the book, come around some evening when the sun in shining bright against the Blue Ridge. We'll sit on the verandah and sip a bit of shine while we debate literature and books!

Requested feedback Criteria: Overall Feedback, Pacing, Setting

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