Dead Flesh & Blood :The ending path

By Troy

Draft 2 Posted Date: 6/11/2013

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About the Book:

Eight-billon normel citizins in our would today, next day, tenth of the populashon came up with a rayer and deadly sickness that was exsposed from a uknown soures. Day three in citys all around the globe, peaple dieing on the streets, alyees, subways, and in their home. And finaly, day four, peaple being attack by random citizins, death comes to the liveing, as the dead walks with flesh in their teath and nails. The Dead slotering the living, guns falling to the ground as its owner's fall. Weeks later, as the living spred, so has the dead. As rescue groups bacame smaller groups, groups become partners, partners become sollow. But some stay toghether in the new world that seems to be the final chapter in humanatys time line. Nothing left but the Soul and a Spirt of the liveing, running and hideing from the dead.

About the Author:

My Navels I'm working on has horror, romance, action, more Gorey. Now its only with Vampires, Vmp. hunters, but soon every Myth will come alive in this series.

Author's Note:

To my freands and family that I love, and to love them if there were no time left.

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