Dumbyis Asstrim Boyd | "Wronged at Birth"

By Dickey Harrold

Draft 4 Posted Date: 5/4/2014

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Literary fiction

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About the Book:

A mentally challenged, yet somewhat clairvoyant young man (Dumbyis) is resented by a local bully. It's the friendship he has with his baby sister that enrages Mark, so. After expressing his anger toward Dumbyis, Mark is arrested for asualt. For his protection, his sister (Carol) places Dumbyis in a Intitution from which he escapes in order to find his little friend, Mandy. Mark's plan to frame Dumbyis for murder is foiled by Dumbyis, himself. However, the consequences are hell to pay for Dumbyis. The outcome is, Dumyis is charged with three counts of mured; one in which is his little friend, Mandy. This story is not about what happened, but rather, how it happened. A powerful ending.

About the Author:

Dickey Harrold is a beginner writer who will persever. His broad imagination allows him the luxury of being a versatile writer, you will never know what he might write about next. Being a musician, Dickey has written many song...lyrics...music...composed and recorded. Hs is now applying his writing to story-telling. He is hooked on writing and will prove himself worthy of it.

Author's Note:

Hello, my name is Dickey. I moved over from Author Stand and am new on this site. I'm a beginner writer but with the guidance of some great writers at AS, I like to think I have direction. I gladly WILL read your work. As for my reviews, I'll be honestly helpful as possible. In short, your reviewing my work is important...be firm.

Requested feedback Criteria: Overall Feedback, Voice, Character Development, Plot, Dialogue, Continuity