By Deirdra Baldwin

Draft 1 Posted Date: 12/28/2011

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Based on 5 Reviews


Psychological Thriller

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About the Book:

A lawyer discovers that his wife plans to place her family fortune in trust for her small son and becomes obsessed with changing her mind. When his efforts fail to correct the situation, he decides to take advantage of a seedy connection and have her disposed of before the trust paper work has been fully executed. Unfortunately, the job is badly bungled and he must live with the consequences. For both guilt ridden husband and wife, life becomes a conflicted and emotional ride, with infidelity and the threat of discovery hanging over their heads. The lawyer will discover that a happenstance introduction in a NYC bar will inhabit the direction his life will take, infect his choices, and squeeze him like a boa constrictor.

About the Author:

Deirdra Baldwin has five books of poems published by regional presses and was awarded two Wurlitzer Fellowships. She has a three legged dog named Willy.

Author's Note:

Requested feedback Criteria: Overall Feedback, Character Development, Pacing

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