By AJ Mortimer

Draft 1 Posted Date: 2/27/2013

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Traditional Fantasy

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About the Book:

In a post war world Maroon Deventon takes over and spreads his army around the devastated world, but is he the right person for the job? Derren (RED) is all alone in the world but he will always be the first to fight for what he thinks is right. When Derren goes on a mission, to find and set free a new friends enslaved parents, he finds himself in a lot of trouble. He has to fight harder than he's ever had to just to survive then push even further to find out some truths. As the battles die down the war wages on and only one can side win.

About the Author:

I don't really have much to say, just that I like reading and writing.

Author's Note:

I have to warn you that I'm dyslexic and this is a very rough copy so there will be a few spelling and grammar mistake; but I hope you'll enjoy it despite that.

Requested feedback Criteria: Overall Feedback, Plot, Dialogue

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