Delwyn of the Realms (Fourth Draft) | First two chapters

By Kelly Proudfoot

Draft 8 Posted Date: 1/24/2015

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Slipstream / Interstices

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About the Book:

“Delwyn of the Realms” is a completed manuscript, at 68,820 words. “For Delwyn, the only way out is through, and beyond! What if her astral travels and sleep disorders are real, and what she’s been told, about being off with the fairies, was a fantasy itself? After a psychotic break and a marriage breakdown, she escapes to her Aunt’s farm in the country, to recuperate. She agrees to therapy and medication, and goes through the motions to rejoin society, but she’s always been a dreamer, and finding a mirror that’s a portal to the world of dreams is just the perfect ticket to sanity, isn’t it? As all Delwyn’s afflictions and wonderful adventures in the dreamland plummet her further into the belief that she’s a “Portal Stormer”, and that she can continue existing with “One foot in each world, riding them simultaneously; expecting not to fall!”; her Aunt, friends and doctor scramble to save her from herself. The question is: which realm is the fantasy?” "Delwyn of the Realms" is an adult fantasy story that has a little romance, humor, adventure and a few dashes of horror! Believe it or not, this story is semi-autobiographical, as I suffer from sleep disorders and have experience with OBE’s (astral travel). I drew on my wild fantasies, dreams and hypnagogic hallucinations to weave these stories together into one tale, about a woman who discovers that she may not be as crazy as everyone might have her think. (The story is set in Australia.) I have started writing the sequel and am already up to chapter six!

About the Author:

I am an Australian female, now living in Nashville Tennessee, working for the State of Tennessee as a HR Technician. My articles have been published in Llewellyn’s Almanacs, such as the 2011 Magical Almanac, 2012 Witches’ Spell A Day Almanac and the 2013 Herbal Almanac.

Author's Note:

I need assistance with punctuation; I think that's my biggest problem! Any other comments regarding character development, plot, etc are also welcome. I have some members of my family and a few friends reading my manuscript for me and have submitted my first query letter to an agent. I would like constructive criticism, words of encouragement and any other feedback that could help my story. It has been revised since I received very helpful feedback from Mary. Thanks Mary!

Requested feedback Criteria: Overall Feedback, Character Development, Plot, Pacing

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