Drowning In Rivers

By Heidi Peitz

Draft 3 Posted Date: 11/2/2015

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Young Adult Contemporary

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About the Book:

Seventeen-year-old ‘city girl’ Grace Burns got revenge on her controlling, abusive ex by pushing his truck into a lake, running over twelve-year-old Andrea “Andy” Rivers in the process. Six months later, Grace leaves juvy ready to start her life over. She just has to finish the last part of her sentence: five hundred hours of community service. Grace’s case worker sends her to Hannibal, MO to assist wheelchair-bound Andy for the summer. Convinced the Rivers family hates her, Grace is suspicious of their ‘Stepford’ appearance when she arrives. Overwhelmed with panic attacks since the accident, Grace immediately returns to old habits, partying and flirting with older guys as a distraction. She is drawn to one guy in particular, the oddly named Bear. Grace is confused by his resistance to her forward advances until she learns who Bear really is: Theodore Rivers, Andy’s brother. While struggling to makes amends for her past, Grace discovers none of the Rivers are as perfect as they seem. Secrets of infidelity, alcoholism, illegitimate children and abuse threaten to tear the family apart. Feeling obligated to help save the family after what she’s done to Andy, Grace will have to rediscover her confidence and accept that her past doesn’t define her or risk losing what could be the love of her life.

About the Author:

Just a struggling writer trying to get published like everyone else.

Author's Note:

DIR is about a teenage girl trying to turn her life around after a series of bad decisions leaves a young girl paralyzed and her in juvy. After being released, all she wants to do is get through her summer of punishment without losing her mind or her first shot at real love.

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