Entanglement | (working title)

By cghale

Draft 2 Posted Date: 1/26/2012

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Contemporary Fantasy

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About the Book:

Thel is 18 and stuck in the godforsaken town of Lost Mountain, living in a geriatric wasteland with no hope of escape. Dharma, her only friend, is leaving for college at the end of summer. But when some religious freaks come to town to investigate the strange preacher building an ark of concrete and steel, Thel learns that she might be the key to the end of the world--or its survival. In the meantime, she's pretty sure she's going to die at any moment. Something is consuming her from the inside.

About the Author:

Chris Hale lives in Roanoke, Va., with his wife, two daughters, and a wire fox terrier. Sometimes he teaches English at a community college. Mostly he writes.

Author's Note:

Requested feedback Criteria: Overall Feedback, Character Development, Plot

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