Duskworld | Duskworld

By Michael J Patrick

Draft 9 Posted Date: 2/10/2015

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Hard Science Fiction

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I'm taking this manuscript down from Book Country. This site has been very helpful in my quest to write a novel and I'm grateful to those who inspired and reviewed what I have posted here. I'm currently in the process of querying literary agents and don't think it's wise to have earlier drafts of the book sitting here. I tried to use the "Delete" function from my dashboard but that doesn't seem to be working properly. Thanks Book Country! See you around! -MJP

About the Author:

Michael J Patrick is six foot two and bald. Other than that he's an ok guy.

Author's Note:

They warned Meiki of the ghosts, flesh-eating terrors that stalk the forests. Even if she did believe in ghosts she can't bear to suffer another day as a custodian to a remote settlement on planet Naya where children live on a campus far from their families to learn self sufficiency in a world that lost contact with Earth centuries ago. She runs to Newbright, the largest city on the planet. In the woods she encounters a fugitive named Vikram who claims to be a freedom fighter from Earth. Knowing little of Earth and eager to hear more Meiki quickly befriends him. He tells her of the advances humans made in the centuries that Naya has been isolated, including a method of achieving eternal life. While they are in the forest the ghosts attack and Meiki discovers that the supposed evil creatures are actually mere machines that have broken their programming. In the ensuing chaos Meiki and Vikram become separated. She gets to Newbright and is approached by the government agents that have been chasing Vikram. She learns that Vikram is a known terrorist with a plan to destroy the technology that has made every human in on Earth virtually immortal. Meiki must decide whether to help Vikram destroy eternal life or take side with the government which would mean betraying her newfound friend.

Requested feedback Criteria: Overall Feedback, Voice, Character Development, Pacing, Setting, Continuity

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