Devotion | A Short Story By Donte Douglas & Colin Bass

By Colin Bass

Draft 1 Posted Date: 7/23/2012

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Contemporary Romance

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About the Book:

Men, they are habitual for taking the women that bless their lives for granted, and in the case of Darren Bowe he is left to face his past demons as well as the ones that may come in the future. Can he remain faithful or will the call of the wild be too much for him to bear? (Written by: Colin Bass) Tony Newsome encounters his vice, women, on a daily basis. Is he strong enough to let the river of love carry him past transgression toward his beautiful fiancé Treasure? Or will he fall victim to what many men value, a random sexual encounter? (Written by: Donte Douglas)

About the Author:

There are three things this writer can't live without...Chipotle, Kool-aid, and his blackberry. email:

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Requested feedback Criteria: Overall Feedback, Plot, Dialogue

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