Eagle's Gold

By Vincent Lupiano

Draft 28 Posted Date: 3/20/2014

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About the Book:

Days before Germany surrendered to the Russian army, an SS-Brigadefuhrer led ten men into the lobby of the Deutsche Reichbank in Berlin and confronted the bank manager. The manager could not comprehend the Bridgadefuhrer's irregular request when he stated that his men were at the bank to remove the hundreds of gold bars stacked in the vault. With a cocked pistol pressing aginst his forehead, the manager saw no need to to require the Brigadefuhrer to produce a signed order from a higher authority. Three hours later, nearly $66 million in gold bullion was lifted from the vaults. The identities of the enlisted men were nver ascertained. Because of his collar and sleeve insignia, only the Bridgadefuhrer's rank was certain. And because the gold bars bore the stamped eagle and swastika of Nazi Germany, the heist--so far-fetched that it became an urban legend--is referred to as Eagle's Gold. Where the gold was stashed has never been determined. Until now ....

About the Author:

A freelance writer and speech writer, Vince is also an agent for two symphony conductors. He travels a lot, and considers himself a "pro-am" photographer.

Author's Note:

Eagle's Gold began life as a screenplay. It was optioned once and showed some promise to be filmed. But, no such luck. After resting quietly in a desk drawer for some time, I decided to convert it into a novel. It took almost four years to write it. I went through three agents and dozens of rejections--most saying positive things about the writing, characters, etc., but adding, "we just don't have room for it on our list."

Requested feedback Criteria: Overall Feedback, Character Development, Plot

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