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Dark Side of the Rising Sun

When Tim Harrington, a young Anglo-American working in Japan, is tricked into teaching English to a Japanese crook involved with the yakuza, it’s merely the sta
John Boyd9/30/2015

The Practical Orphan's Guide to Surviving a Fairy Tale

Fourteen-year-old Kate Kincaid decides logic and reason are her only defenses when moving in with her lion-taming aunt, her uncle the spy, and her grandmother -
Megan Christopher9/30/2015

Adia and Delio

Adia Altvie has been raised as a man in a man's world. But the only problem is, she's a woman. And when she discovers love for the first time under the hot summ
Jean Lowe Carlson9/25/2015 Be the first to review this version

Love Among the Ruins

A Short Story
This is a short story I wrote to read at a group reading I did in Iowa City in 2011. We had to make sure our reading did not exceed 7 minutes. I loved the assig
Lucy Silag9/23/2015

The Fantastical World of Archie Dalrymple

The world of Towne is not entirely the same world as our own. It is a world of the not-quite-normal, the often-skewed, and the sometimes-magical. It is a worl
Jennifer E. Pergola9/22/2015


Test Book
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Test User CWFORNM9/22/2015 Be the first to review this version

Bad Business

A Titanic Tale
When the hapless (and chap-less) Bob Bobbins inherits his fake dead grandmother’s estate, he is handed the keys to a rather exclusive business, ‘Madame Bob’s Hi
Andy Paine9/17/2015


Book 1
Hannah Blackmoore is an eighteen year old senior in high school and lives an ordinary life in a small Ohio town. However, when her grandmother visits bring an o
Eryn Terry9/16/2015

Sly - The Poem (no title yet)

This will be an illustrated book dealing with Sly’s unhappy childhood. It’s first person. Sly’s the narrator, for a change. (Not me, except for the last sentenc
Mimi Speike9/16/2015

More Things In Heaven And Earth

For years, Simone Fitzgerald has battled to live a normal life, despite the multitude of voices she constantly hears. It seems she's succeeding, until an angel
E.A. Comiskey9/12/2015

The Queen of Clubs

Twelve-year-old Jack Boyd knows that dementia is an incurable disease--he's done his research--but that doesn't make losing his grandmother and easier. To make
Phil Partington9/12/2015

The Unstoppable Reality of Daybreak

Sahara flees the emotional wreckage of her parents' divorce and her father's betrayal by going to Haiti on an international development fellowship, where she re
Allison Kade9/11/2015

Blood Stains

A Cote Endicott Novel
Cote is your normal everyday girl... okay, maybe not. She can kick ass with the best of them. It's when a seemingly other-worldly man appears out of the shado
Connie Hunter9/10/2015 Be the first to review this version

Cardinal Sky

In a future without hope, one girl’s mistake will change the fate of mankind. Sky grew up in a world conquered by alien invaders, the Cardinals. She fled the s
Maya Green9/8/2015 Be the first to review this version


Cas Reed hangs by a thread. The struggles of life have beaten her down. Jobless, crashing on a friend's sofa, and desperate to pick up the pieces of her shatter
Mary-ellen DeLeon9/6/2015


Cinthya is a new take on the age-old Cinderella tale, where magic is a hidden and forgotten reality, and family and friendship is the most pivotal storybook of
S. R. Jones9/4/2015

The Doctor's Wife

Award-winning novelist and Texas historian Myra Hargrave McIlvain tells the story of Amelia Anton, a young German woman eager for a new life in Texas. After arr
Myra Hargrave McIlvain9/3/2015 Be the first to review this version

Inescapable Fate

Not every love story can be beautiful...
Do you really have any real impact on the path your life will take? Or is everything planned out before you? Each step set in stone. The notion of freewill noth
By N K Burke9/2/2015

Catch up

f there's something bad in your past that you've deliberately forgotten, it stays forgotten. That's what Samantha believed, until the day Daniel suddenly appear
Poppy Gillespie8/31/2015

The Mechanics of Man (WT)

A Victorian Story of Fantastical Accuracy
When Edward Mattery travels to the independent city-state of Juneautown to join his older brother and escape the oppression of the Southern Republic, his life i
J Boone Dryden8/27/2015 Be the first to review this version

The People on the Bus

A Diego Yorba Mystery
Diego Yorba loses his job as an investigator with the Orange County District Attorney's Office. Yorba takes a job as a bus operator to stay in the Orange Count
By John W. Cohen8/27/2015 Be the first to review this version

Finding Charlie

It isn't like Charlie to stay out all night without calling, but maybe Olivia doesn't know her little sister as well as she thought. The police aren’t concerne
Katie O'Rourke8/25/2015

Heart of Glass

Sherwood Institute for the Magically Afflicted. A refuge for those seeking remedy from curses, hexes and other fantastical ailments. In one night, Ariel Winter
Melissa Lucas8/25/2015

Breakfast in Narita (First six chapters of a completed manuscript)

Ideas for a different title?!
(First six chapters) Cassie Longstreth struggles to maintain her career as an international airline pilot with a new baby at home. Two of her girlfriends, a pil
Kathy McCullough8/24/2015

Wild Heart

Something dangerous is roaming Liberty’s woods. New alpha Michael has to find out whether it walks on two leg, or four. Or both.
Michele Lee8/23/2015

Savage Heart

Isis wants to be a rock star. But she's a thembisi, a werehyena, blessed not with the grace of a werewolf or the beauty of a werecat but instead with a gnawing
Michele Lee8/23/2015


Some secrets remain hidden for centuries. What happens when they start to unravel? “You are a disappointment, Blanco-Phoenix.” Those words echo through Pietta’
MN Freedman8/20/2015

Dangerous Snacks

(Book One of the Broughton Trilogy)
Down-trodden by life and generally fed up with his lot, Edward King is determined to find the tiniest scrap of happiness before it's all too late. But it's not
A J Smith8/20/2015

You Don't Know Me

Maya Scotton, a young artist with a severe case of painter’s block, is in need of money. When she takes on an office job at a construction company, she finds he
Mandy Lee8/20/2015

The Neverland Wars

Gwendolyn Hoffman is a teenager in denial. She doesn’t comprehend why anyone would forsake stuffed animals and sundresses for makeup and iced coffee. Regardless
Audrey Greathouse8/15/2015 Be the first to review this version


The Kingsmen Chronicles, #1
Eloel den’Alrahel is a Kingsman. Or should have been. But Kingsman just isn’t a profession anymore, as Eloel is frequently reminded. But the Kingsmount and Star
Jean Lowe Carlson8/14/2015

Timeless Hope

Stories of Inspiration and Love
These are five short stories about love and inspiration. Simple, and to the heart stories that will hopefully touch your heart and soul.
Jamie Lynn Boothe8/8/2015 Be the first to review this version


The new capital of Mars has a problem with gliders, thrill-seekers who soar on the thermals that run through the pressurised canyon that makes up its' length. P
Timothy Maguire8/3/2015


Book 1
Garren is a redeemer who brings justice and punishment with him, and his unwilling companion Fork, wherever he goes. He receives instructions from the Order of
Vanessa Silva8/2/2015


Lauren Michaels is exhausted with the push and pull of copy editing for Los Angeles’s woman’s magazine, Frenzy, which caters to pop culture, style, and above al
Alex Rosa7/31/2015


"This is my life mom, and I'm going to finally start living it." Eighteen year old Jesse Daniels life has been planned out from the minute she was born. She w
Lisa Adiele7/29/2015 Be the first to review this version

Secrets We Keep

Love has many forms, including true love, obsessive love, forbidden love and unrequited love. All of these forms are present in Secrets We Keep. Liv Chambers ha
NatWrites7/25/2015 Be the first to review this version

My Community Project

A work-in-progress that the community will review
This is a test. Please do not review. Thank you! "Sed ut perspiciatis unde omnis iste natus error sit voluptatem accusantium doloremque laudantium, totam rem ap
Nevena Georgieva7/24/2015 Be the first to review this version

Mutagen: A New Evolution

The book is set in modern day times. It deals with a group of people who develop or have extraordinary abilities or powers. The book starts to deal with how the
Marc Troiola7/23/2015

Build Me a Girl

Sophie Braxton and Oliver Duncan met as part of the most abnormal business meeting, and somehow managed to fall in love, when neither of them were looking for,
Katie Burgess7/16/2015 Be the first to review this version

Forever Friends

Book One of the Forever Series
Have you ever dreamed about finding your soul mate? Do you think you'd recognize him as, The One, the instant that you met? Skye thought that Raine was her dre
Amanda Kimberley7/14/2015

The Alchemy of a Life

My literary short stories contain characters who struggle to find their true identity, a sense of belonging, and ultimately a place they call home. Whether thes
janet schneider7/11/2015

There's Danger in Love

The Jade Mysteries
This is the 3rd installment for my Jade Mysteries series. Jade has went through so much from learning she was adopted to falling in love. When danger arises, wi
Joycie Russ7/10/2015 Be the first to review this version

Still Life

The end of the world as we know it, as seen through the eyes of an eleven year old little Australian girl hiding inside a pet shop.
Alex Maher7/10/2015

Loose Threads - SAMPLE

Cool Assassins 1
Imagine a vibrant community that rejects 5,000 years of human traditions. Imagine a society that affirms equal rights for both men and women. Imagine a societ
J. O. Quantaman7/10/2015


The Novella
Sly, my version of Puss in Boots, is complex, acidic, terminally tongue-in-cheek. This novella is the introduction to a three book series, and is the laboratory
Mimi Speike7/7/2015

Play Write Paint flow

A Personal Ekphrasis
A creative journey from nothing in 2008 to playing guitar, songwriting, performing, painting, getting a creativity coach, and writing this book of the stories b
Andy Getch7/6/2015 Be the first to review this version

The Case of the Defunct Adjunct

A Molly Barda Mystery
The Case of the Defunct Adjunct is a prequel to the Molly Barda Mysteries, the first of which, The Musubi Murder, is coming out August 5 (
Frankie Bow7/5/2015

The Silence

The setting is an unnamed location in an unnamed land. The characters, all unnamed, include the narrator, under a punishment called "The Silence," alone on a s
Don Pizzarello7/3/2015

The Shadowseer

The Deus-book one
What if mythical creatures were actually real? What if they looked human? What if everything you believed was wrong? Three questions that Emilia’s mother asks
Maya Green6/26/2015