By Mary-ellen DeLeon

Draft 1 Posted Date: 9/6/2015

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Contemporary Romance

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About the Book:

Cas Reed hangs by a thread. The struggles of life have beaten her down. Jobless, crashing on a friend's sofa, and desperate to pick up the pieces of her shattered world, she marches into a bar and practically demands the owner hire her. Intrigued, Kiran agrees to let her work a few days to see if she can handle a waitress position in a busy nightclub. Will this be the move Cas needs to turn her life around?

About the Author:

Mary-ellen DeLeon lives in Connecticut with her husband and daughter. She is an accountant by trade yet has a passion for writing. Her favorite writers include F. Scott Fitzgerald, Robert Parker, Nicolette Gianni, Gillian Flynn, and Nicholas Sparks. Her first self-published book is Transcendent Love published on October 13, 2013. If you don't believe true love exists, you will after reading Transcendent Love. "Feat of Clay", Mary-ellen's first Murder Mystery, was published on December 8, 2013. Many of the characters are inspired by real life people. Find out who's killing every woman that Brighton meets. "Family Secrets" deals with spousal abuse and survival. Take a rough ride through the life of a victim and her journey to self-awareness. A dark tale of a victim of mental illness brought on by years of sexual abuse comes to life in "Beautiful Anomaly". Two college students are abducted and locked away in a dark, dismal cellar. See if they survive in "Get Revenge". Released on April 1, 2015, "Curious Prey" will have you itching to know if David's secrets will be revealed. Her work in process, "Where Demons Hide" is a bumpy ride through co-dependency and healing. You can read her blog on Word Press at http://wp.me/3DDdp

Author's Note:

I've been working on this one for a while, edited it a few times, but never finished. I admit this one needs much work but it does have a pertinent story to tell.

Requested feedback Criteria: Overall Feedback, Point of View, Character Development, Plot, Continuity

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