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Vision One

Endurance and accuracy were the key functions for Mr. David Wells and Captain Michael Rees’ survival in an uncharted galaxy, and when they crash-landed on a hab
T Gillmore3/3/2015


Russia in 1904 was beset with many problems: loosing the Russo-Japanese War, internal political unrest, huge economic problems, a dying Romanov monarchy and no
Robert Halley3/1/2015


Heather had everything. She had Derick, the house, and plans for a perfect wedding. But when she found a love letter tucked away in the attic, both Derick and H
Amanda Kimberley2/26/2015


Hailey Elwood always knew three things: she wanted to be a writer, she didn’t want to run her family diner, and she was madly and unconditionally in love with C
Alex Rosa2/25/2015

The Dragons of Wilder Realm: Caged

Esther was disconnected from her world by grief that was too strong for her to deal with when everything suddenly changed forcing her to live in the moment once
Donna M. Berrier2/21/2015

The Dragon Clans

Maira has spent most of her adult life trying to be the best healer, wife and mother that she can be. Now as war looms on the horizon she finds herself thrust b
Donna M. Berrier2/20/2015

Practice Makes Holy

One Woman's Journey on the Road of Faith: An Essay Collection
An essay collection examining the role of faith--and the value of doubt--in a young woman's life, as she contemplates her own and others' experiences. [This is]
Jessica Newberne2/20/2015

The Lieutenant

The Lieutenant has always had a purpose. When his powers manifested as a child, he immediately took on the role of city protector. As he grew up, he became the
D.L. Fontaine2/10/2015


I'm taking this manuscript down from Book Country. This site has been very helpful in my quest to write a novel and I'm grateful to those who inspired and re
Michael J Patrick2/10/2015 Be the first to review this version

The Book Of Knowledge

In the aftermath of war, a city is left in disrepair. without the knowledge of what has happened to the rest of the world a group of survivors forms up to survi
Dylan Angland2/9/2015 Be the first to review this version

The Carpenter of Wonderland

If Felix Unger were gay, medicated, and a pro at archaic Disney trivia, that would be Marc Daniels. When Marc Daniels turns 13, his melodramatic Knots-Landin
Todd Hardy2/8/2015

Lord Mutt

Amana Unbar Codex
From two vastly different worlds; Amana Unbar trained for battle and oath-bound to avenge her adoptive fathers death, and Mutt, an Urd slave with a knack of cha
John Moreton2/7/2015

Carer's Centurions

The alien commander of a small squad occupying post-invasion Earth confronts the nature of his allies and the compromises his commanders have made to achieve th
Timothy Maguire2/1/2015 Be the first to review this version

There's Something the Matter in Hell

The joy and love of Manhattan's upper west side, six year old, little Abby Fiske dies horrifically on the way to school one day. She is promptly sent to Heaven
Robert Mackey1/28/2015


What does it mean when you see shadows forming on and from every face you see in the dark? What can you think when no one else notices? What do you do when the
Keith Rieger1/27/2015

Good Gods

Chapter 1-5
Waking up at the base of Mtn. Olympus, Celina discovered that she is really a Greek Goddess. Since that moment, nothing in her life has gone well. Her once stro
EB Solace1/27/2015

Hornet's Nest

Love Bug #3
Katherine Klein has been warned: Stay far away from Lance Walton. After one night in the country, the quintessential city girl has the unwanted attention of the
Jaycee Ford1/24/2015

Delwyn of the Realms (Fourth Draft)

First two chapters
“Delwyn of the Realms” is a completed manuscript, at 68,820 words. “For Delwyn, the only way out is through, and beyond! What if her astral travels and sleep d
Kelly Proudfoot1/24/2015

Typing Through the Grapevine

An English Mystery
The year is 1945, and World War II has gratefully ended. For London editor Henry Blevins, though, the celebration is hollow. The five-year mark of his late wife
Jessica Newberne1/22/2015


Mister is an aging hit man. He has a contract for a seemingly simple hit which turns into much more. He losing his best friend and goes out to exact revenge.
alan carter/charles stone1/21/2015 Be the first to review this version

It all started with a Toothache

formerly Cavanaugh Women
Kate quits her job as a paralegal in the Harrison, Harrison, James & Harrison law firm and terminates her engagement to the youngest Harrison partner, because o
Arlene Hill1/19/2015 Be the first to review this version

The System

He is awake in a dark room and does not remember anything about himself, where and what he is doing. A familiar voice begins to jog his memory and suddenly he r
Randi Edwards-Lee1/19/2015

Heart of Texas

first 5 chapters
Daniel Preis is a young journalist from Boston who works for a soft-porn magazine called ‘Leather and Lace’. His reputation turns for the worse when he writes a
Kirk Haggerty1/19/2015

Inner Demons

Three months of missing time were only the beginning
Tamara Williams had just settled down to a quiet evening at home when, one moment she’s in her apartment then the next she’s on a dark street with a set of head


Newly retired Roland and Relena find themselves traveling back in time to help and/or save ancestors on their family tree.
Arlene Hill1/16/2015


Dr. Richard Pandamus is a divorced and well respected psychiatrist in the affluent southern California city of Santa Barbara. When one of his patients, a young
Peter Miles1/12/2015

Dead Thin

Diet coach Judy sets out to discover why one of her favorite clients, a dentist with a chocolate habit, doesn't call in for his usual phone support session. She
Atar Hadari1/11/2015

Reality Housewives Of The UK

Five successful women, each have their own reasons for joining the new TV show - Reality Housewives Of the UK. For Natalie, nouveau lottery winner, it's all ab
Jules Harvey1/9/2015

Tales of a country doctor

The book is drawn from Paul Carter's experiences when he leaves the city and becomes the country doctor in Lancefield. Tales of a country doctor is a series of
Paul Carter1/9/2015

Watching Fireflies

Love Bug Series #1
Jordan Hawthorne thought she had it all until a surprise for her fiancé turns into losing everything that she ever wanted. She flees her home in Charlotte, Nort
Jaycee Ford1/7/2015

Dragonfly Awakening

Love Bug Series #2
When Paul Harris laid eyes on Ellie Caldwell the first day of high school, his heart stopped and never beat the same again. However, his best friend Lance spoke
Jaycee Ford1/7/2015 Be the first to review this version

Irrepressible Spirit

In 1987, 10-year-old Joanna moves from England to the tiny island of Barbados in the Caribbean Sea with her French mother. It was her chance to finally live wi
Joanna Bartlett1/7/2015


Evan Helms recounts a short story about a married couple coping with extreme marital tension while dealing with a series of gruesome occurrences around their ru
Evan Helms1/5/2015

Crocodile Pete

Crocodile Pete is found drifting around in a schoolyard aimlessly. He follows Jeffrey home, and in school and eventually does all his homework. Jeffrey is mesme
Sheila Craan12/23/2014

Kissing Frogs

At twenty-four, Elliott Roux is what some might call privileged. She comes from a wealthy Boston family and adores her grandmother. The best part of her week is
Stephanie Blackburn12/23/2014


The Other I
AHAM is a tale of a young man who believes that the path to true happiness in life is through the relentless pursuit of money. Born in a middle class Indian fam
Nanda Kishore Rajanala12/22/2014 Be the first to review this version

No Time to Cry

Nine While NIne Legacy ~ Book One
Isabelle has life right where she wants it after recovering from heartbreak and deceit—she has the perfect apartment, amazing friends, a flourishing career, and
Stasia Morineaux12/21/2014

The Dream

Something is wrong. Is Free Will still free and your will? At 11:30AM CST all across the world people will not know that they can be owned by simply being conne
Randi Edwards-Lee12/13/2014

The Wood

Two dogs are going on vacation and about to run into a whole world of trouble with the Wilds in The Wood.
Jonathan R. Menefee12/8/2014

D.O.A. - Not Exactly

The Unseen World
Meet Hayden Harrison as he is transformed from his Near Death Experience to the Angelic realm where he is assigned as a Shadow Manager providing oversight to th
J.M. Henard12/7/2014

Last Brother, Last Sister

Papa Murphy is an outcast, a bokor, banned from his religion and his own family for the blood that runs in his veins. However he's also one of the few voudun op

Private Eye

Maya Crew
Maya Crew is a beautiful 35 year old African American woman standing at 5’6’’; she has accomplished many things in her life. Went to the University of Georgia
Kimberly Fire12/3/2014

The Balance

Anyone would be lucky to live in the Balance, where the Algorithm determines the optimal use of all resources, ensuring nothing is wasted and no one goes hungry
Erin Eastham12/3/2014

The Half Breed Queen

The Skatia Narratives:
Marla Owens has spent her life on the fringe of the world around her. And when that world implodes, she finds a strength and will that she had no idea she'd pos
LA Hendricks11/30/2014

To the Trumpeting Place

When the Neo-Babylonian Empire falls, Babylonian slave Anatu's joy is short-lived. Kurush, the Persian ruler, has allowed the Israelites to return to their home
Nichole S11/26/2014

On Her Own

When her husband abandons her and their two small children in a small town in Arkansas, Sara Montgomery once again finds herself on her own. So far away from
Terry Ann Thomas11/20/2014


In this sensational New Adult debut by Alex Rosa, boyfriends are too much trouble. So what’s the harm in a little fun? With an abusive relationship behind her,
Alex Rosa 11/18/2014

Sweetheart Killer

While working a double kidnapping, Detective David Wolf and his partner find two dead bodies tied up and posed by a lake with a note. Will they get to the kidna
Nicole Carrick11/18/2014

Stein House

Helga Heinrich and her four children sail into the thriving Texas seaport of Indianola in 1853, determined to overcome the memory and haunting legacy of Max, he
Myra Hargrave McIlvain11/13/2014

The Humming Bird

In the world of Voskia, rebellious duchess Maria Langlord leads a double life. Pursued by the most perverted and richest man in the country, she splits her time
The de Wardin Sisters11/12/2014